Blue Matter

Take me to a Valley, where the rain is blue.

The sunset is vibrant with color, as the birds chirp a tune.


Take me to a Garden where the plants are full. Nourish your soul with gluttonous cravings.


Take me to a valley where the meadows sway from side to side. Hearts intertwined by thorns from a rose.


Take me to a river where I can drown my thoughts. Keep them hidden below the shallow rocks.


Take me to a beach, where I can be free. Sip on a colada or two. Gazing upon the open waves, as the sea softly speaks to me.


The ship is sinking, while the mind drowns.
Unconsciously avoiding the subconscious in whole.

Thoughts of excitement entices exhibitions…

Intimate inclusion of inconclusive illusions.
Illuminating the mind.

Invigorating the stimulation to touch…to hold…to love and mold…

The True Embodiment of Everlasting Love…


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