Wet Sand

Waking up in Deep Waters. Indulging in the things that don’t matter. They matter, They matter, The love in between the lines. The blind eyes, deaf ears. Tears separating anxiety and fear. Waking up in the Deep Waters. Feeling, needing and Breathing. True Love, True Fate, Dreams… Dreams we all wish to obtain. These waters,…


In the midst of the gates. There’s a story to tale. Bound by the heart, Molded with love. A mere sense of smitten infatuation, Clouded by Dark Desire. A mist has transpired, Sacred fumes of vivacious pheromones. Love Love like no other, A creation which has no atonement. What we create shall never become desolate….

Blue Matter

Take me to a Valley, where the rain is blue. The sunset is vibrant with color, as the birds chirp a tune. Runaway Runaway. Take me to a Garden where the plants are full. Nourish your soul with gluttonous cravings. Runaway Runaway.. Take me to a valley where the meadows sway from side to side….