Take me on a Journey,

I don’t want it to end.

Indulging on endless cravings,

Delicate to the touch.

Yearning for more,

Hearts racing towards ecstasy,

A pill or feasible fantasy.

An Island fit for endless passion,

As games are played,

Wars begin…


Emotions pulled back and forth,

Like the boat hitting each wave,

Before it crashed onto this forbidden place.

Searching the jungle for a thirst that I crave,

Stumbling upon coconuts,

As I sip,

Quenching my thirst…

Woolgathering as I wish it was a colada,

Gazing into the distance,

A mirage has taken form,

Looking for an escape,

Or a moment for more…




A plead on deaf ears,

Choosing fear over destiny,

Better yet complacency…

The signal flare has sparked,

Two choices are given,

Rush to rescue,

Or continue this euphoric expedition…


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