Keto Quiz

First and foremost, what is Keto?

“Keto also known as Ketogenic, is a low-carb diet which focuses more on protein and fats than carbs.”

Laymen terms- “This diet will help you lose weight without having to starve or eat lettuce a.k.a (crunchy water) for the rest of your life!”

Most people struggle to find the right diet, or don’t even know where to start. Visualize waking up every day, going through the motions of a routine exercise and meal Prep. After each day, week and month, there’s no results. In that moment we contemplate on whether to keep going with no results, or change our diet into a “seefood diet” (whatever we see, we eat). Many of us have been there but the point is finding the right formula!

After months and years of failing or feeling like you’re near the end of the tunnel but quite haven’t reached it with your own ability; thus chucking the scale out of the window, you find something that works!

The quick and easyKeto Quiz“.

The great thing about this quiz is the “one on one” feel it gives you. Nothing seems generic and with a couple of simple answers you’re on your way. The basics; Age, sex, weight and height. It even specifies certain things you like to eat and implement them! With the perfect meal plan, this quiz offers the opportunity to track daily calories, fat, protein, carbs and water intake! Not having a structured meal plan is half of the battle and this Keto Quiz gives you the opportunity to open doors and fix what you couldn’t grasp onto or fix on your own.

If you’re a couch potato there’s a plan for you! Don’t be discouraged because there’s also plans for the hardest worker in the gym. The simple fact of the matter is that you find something that works. Not everyone will get the same results but I can say this much, what do you have to lose but weight?

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