As I sit here defenseless, I watch as my past, present and future are recollections of me. I look in the mirror and decide if it's truly me. This mirror is supposed to show a reflection. Yet if a prosecutor was to ask me who is the man in the mirror, I wouldn't have an… Continue reading Glory


Old Times

I pulled the pen out and started from scratch. Like I'm making a complicated recipe. There's no steps to the words that I scribe. Taking it back old school like we are kids in the sandbox, sandlot. It all started with a simple scene from a movie. People see a quiet boy and would never… Continue reading Old Times

Painted Feathers

Imagine a world where colors didn't matter. Where black and white didn't matter. I'm hidden in this fantasy of me and you. Visioning a scene of euphoric intimacy as I hear tunes. Slow jams of R&B... Pull up and come ride with me. There's a dove in the distance and I can't see its feathers.… Continue reading Painted Feathers