Who is this man that stares behind the mirror? Smiling from the outside, yet covered with terror. With one glance, my mind begins to express furor thoughts. Hoping the glass will shatter into a million pieces. As I visualize my next move, mountains begin to shake. Chess pieces have been in motion. A stalemate has… Continue reading Mime



Bleed deep... bleed deep... knee deep in these exquisite intricate vindictive tendencies. There's you and me as we meet in a divine unity. A covet of sorts, sorted are these emotions wrapped in silk cloth. There I stood as I suddenly watched. My fate... a fate that has drawn near and deep to my heart.… Continue reading Pharoah

Earn millions online

Want to be part of a winning team? Don't have much experience and you're tired of trying to build the perfect resume? Trust me, I was there in your shoes. Clicking on the multiple choice answers for a personality test and upset/distraught. If you want to change your lifestyle and be apart of a winning… Continue reading Earn millions online

Mouth closed shut

You spoke I heard, yet proceeded to make bad decisions. Constantly reflecting off of past transgressions. You yelled I panicked and shut the door. Locking out a hellbent rage thirsting for more. You apologized I thought you were sincere. Wiping away many tears, enough to fill the Pacific Ocean. Plans are in motion to identify… Continue reading Mouth closed shut

Building an Empire

What is your deepest desire? To create an empire, built on a divine plan to transpire an ire multitude of worshiping idols? Things that might seem mogul became a infatuation from multitudes. Every nest wants to produce a King of Kings. Yet do you possess what it takes to be seen as royalty? As I… Continue reading Building an Empire

The Grind

Sometimes life doesn't go as planned. One day you wake up from a long career to decide it's time to hang up the gloves. The next day you plan to push forward and find something else that will benefit your family. Set aside on a new journey with new faces along the way. Reach goals… Continue reading The Grind

Quest for the right Formula

Lost in the world, with no one to see me. The days seem long without a shoulder to lean on. Reality sets in as I listen to songs of love. When will the Angel's send me my counterpart? Over the last couple of months, I rummage through books in the library, visit my favorite coffee… Continue reading Quest for the right Formula