Do I make you nervous?
Does your heart race,
Timid and fragile like a babies first steps.
Fumbling over your feet,
Body language exemplifies heat.

This room is getting small,
Someone open up a window or two.
The look given as your eyes fixate in a trance; makes me feel like prey caught in a trap.

Lost in a lustful lions den, the walls secrete a pheromone unbeknownst to man. Pitch dark, the only warmth given off are from two equal hearts.

Each player; playing ones part. Not spades, neither poker, yet your face never gives up a clue. Are you lost in fixation or intimately daydreaming?

Take a dive deep into those emotions, hold them…
Keep them trapped,
Like an insect caught inside a Venus trap.

Do I make you mad?
Tempted to risk it all,
Willing to put all your chips on black.
Just to take a spin on the roulette?

This game called life has taken a toll on us all,
No reset button
Guess we all are jokers,
Playing with Royalty at a table only fit for Kings and Queens….

I guess what I’m really trying to say,
Is there a table available for only you and me…


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