Beauty in the Madness

Show me something new,

Something never seen by the naked eye.

Lust when we lock eyes.

Bring the dog out of me,

Toxic… do you miss me?

That moment when your phone wakes,

Praying you see my name.

Want me, need me, say my name.

Like your favorite song locked on repeat.

This life ain’t worth living without you and me.

Show me something new,

Yet an old fashioned feel.

A rare love,

Let me be the adventure you seek.

Like a game of cat and mouse,

Utter soft words like cheese in a trap.

Force me to gravitate towards your sultry pillow talk.

Be the best Doctor,

Show me your bedside manner.

A Love so strong, nothing else matters.

Show me a thrill,

Every moment with you is like a new chapter in my favorite book.

Just the presence of you has me hooked.

Knee deep in the thickest mud.

Desire my bones like quicksand on a limp body.

Let me be your first and last hobby.

A routine you never break,

A bad habit you can’t shake.

Lost in thought just by the sound of my name.

Miss me when I leave,

That pain felt from your first heartbreak.

Toxic…. so toxic yet sweet like a candy apple.

The type of sugar you crave but is bad for you.

Pick up the phone,

Call a thousand times…

When I don’t pick up,

Grab a pillow and scream and shout.

The same one used last night,

Burrowing your face as you scream my name.

When I’m gone, cling onto that thought,

Savor it and tirelessly crave.

I don’t want perfect,

I don’t want sane.

We live for that crazy relationship; Joker and Harley Quinn.



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