Dessert Owl

I don’t know what to say.

I don’t know where to start.

Are there truly words that exist to mend a broken heart?

Or shall we keep telling one another lies,

Afraid of the truth.

Feeling like a Leprechaun,

Searching for who has stolen my pot of gold.

Will we keep tumbling down this rabbit hole?

Lost in this surreal wonderland.

Feeling maniacal like Mad hatter.

Do I turn the page on this chapter?

Hands full with a deck of cards,

Except the Queen seems missing.

Has the Joker finally pulled it off and stolen a crown?

Or has the Oxycodine mixed up my reality?

Let me check my Ledger to make sure things are right…

My Bookeeper claims everything is kept safe and done right.

His name is Heath, a trustworthy name.

Days like this, it feels good to be a Lone Wolf.

Yet every stray dog needs a pack at times…

Stranded, searching for a burrow to call home.

Walking the cold nightly desert in search for a howl.

Can you hear me?

Can you hear me….

Looking up at the New Moon, are you looking at it now?

As I close my eyes,

Burying my face deep into the sand,

All I can picture are memories in my head.

Take me on this journey,

As I Rem Sleep,

Guide me on this Lucid dream.

Don’t wake me up,

Don’t wake me up…

For I’m afraid to open my eyes, and face reality.



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