Deep Sea

I know a place called a Sanctuary.


Contained with self-conscious beliefs.

When the wind blows, tears fall down.

An Ocean made of fertal blood.

As they rise,

A nation falls deep,

A dark void found at the bottom of the Sea.


A new King,

A new Lineage.

New rules created,

As old ways are diminished.

Open ones eyes and watch a new pilgrimage.

Sacrificial goats,

Sacramental bandage.

Watch as the riptide takes all the pain away.

No longer chained,

Free to graze the land our creator has made.

When the dust settles,

A new settlement is in clear view.

Violet petal’s,

Embedded beneath the meadows.

As roots grow,

A hope is formed.

A new hope that centuries may plot and yield.

This dirt is fertile,

This feeling is feral,

The smell of your scent drives me to burrow.

Deep into the soul of you.

A vessel any mortal contemplates to divulge.

A sacchariferous taste I dare to indulge.

Make me yearn,

Force me to gravitate and covet you.

I know a place called a Sanctuary….

I know,

I know…



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