Over the influence

Put your phone on that mode that takes us to cloud 9.

In between those thighs,

So soft like satin sheets.

Giving you what you want,

Tell me what you seek.

Needs, wants, desires.

In your hour of need,

Knees shake timidly.

Biting your bottom lip like a crack fiend.

Craving something sweet,

Pound cake is my favorite dessert.

Show me how a good girl can transition to Demon time.

Hourglass frame,

Got me rubbing the steam off a smoking mirror.

Like a window shopper,

Staring at their favorite dress at the mall.

I want it bad,

I crave it all…

Don’t stall, show me what happens when you flex that pressure.

A climatic pleasure we both appreciate.

Staring me down like a lion’s prey.

Take a plate back to my place,

Watch as I lick it clean.

Like a fat kid, no leftovers for me…

Wash it down with sultry secretions,

Dripping like a dragon fruit.

I like my nectar sweet,

Guess that’s why I’m always craving passion fruit.

Planting seeds,

Hoping you’ll see them subliminally.

This game always comes with an objective,

First place is the goal,

Close your eyes and let go.

Imagine a world where time stops and its you and me.

Vivacious things,

Intimate powers.

Open your eyes,

This daydream is over.



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