Does water hold heavier weight, In the form of tears?

Tell me,

Tell me lies.

Feed my mind with a picture worth playing on repeat.

Squeeze my heart ever so tightly,

Those lips, ever so enticing.

Those eyes, ever so tantalizing.

Feed my mind with gluttonous treats.

Hypnotize me,

Like a snake moving in trance.

Make me yearn for your love,

Like an adolescent on their first dance.

Let this kiss be like the first and last.

Brand new, yet one which you don’t want to fade.

Feed my mind with torturous games.

Keep these butterflies trapped in a cage inside of my stomach.

Make me yearn,

Make me fiend,

Make me crave one thing.

This moment,

In time I dream to freeze.

As these feelings I submit to, keep me restrained.

This jacket,

Ever so tight,

White with shackles, which bound my arms to the back.

A feeling of warmth,

A need and want as I slowly turn mad.

Consumed with what has been fed to me.

A constant craving,

One which needs to be constantly validated.

Feeling heavily sedated,

The body becomes numb…

Does water hold heavier weight, in the form of tears.

Eyes closed as a tear drops to the ground,

Which hits harder?

A thousand bodies dropping to the floor,

Or this one tear filled with more water than the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean.

When our eyes cross for a split second,

This is a reflection of what goes on then…


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  1. Priti says:

    Beautiful lines,! Well shared Thanks. πŸ™‚πŸ˜Š

    Liked by 1 person

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