Old Town Roads

When the season dies,

My eyes dry.

No more cold winter days.

Flowers blossom,

As the wind sways.

Blowing leaves in the summer breeze.

Chimes sing a gentle song,

Sipping on Texas tea,

As the waves bend in the California breeze.

From coast to coast,

A toast is given.

To all the beautiful souls hidden…

In a valley where the neckbone sings a hearty song.

A song of love,

A song of pain,

A song of memories which fade away.

Memories which leave pain,

Far worse than bone cracking frostbite.

Yet, in the light.

Hearts are warmed,

A feeling softer than a mothers warmth.

Down by the fireplace,

Hickory can be smelt.

Smoores we share,

Laughter and Joy.

Am I just a simple memory?

Or something worth living?

Something worth taking a chance,

Like a lonewolf; asking for their first dance.

Butterflies creep away,

Gone in the distance.

No hope to return,

No hope to pass by from time to time.

A longing feeling,

Fiendly needing.

Am I just a simple memory?

Or something worth living?


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