What is luck?

Does it fall beneath thy lap.

Is it something that needs to be paid forward or does it constantly bounce back?

Who does it attract

How does it attract?

Like a revolving door, will it come back around in a circle.

Time can only tell a tale of what luck is.

Does it come with a friend?

A friend named hope, intertwined with a warm blanket to help soothe ones constant battle with the unknown.

What is luck?

It can’t be just a ticket,

A white ball that bounces around on a whim.

Falling in the laps of any entity?

If we all had luck, would we allow our minds to settle on complacency?

We all experience fate,

Does luck know this cruel name.

Are fate and luck friends,

Do they argue or try to make ammends??

See fate is final, yet luck thrives on being spontaneous.

At the end of the day I guess luck has its favorites.



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