Immortal Universe

I long for these words to reach your ears.

Trembling thoughts pierce through the heart.

Mesmerized by the thought of deviant art.

Warmth touches the heart,

As pain damns the soul.

These voices in my head bicker and shout.

Mortal thoughts of selfworth and enticing intimacy.

A greed only mortals crave to need.

Open my cerebellum,

Blast each intricate nerve with food for thought.

Endless exhibitions,

Constant recollections,

A mind fit for immortal pleasure.

Capture my vessel,

Allow it to succumb to guilty pleasures.

Yet my mind shall be bondless,

Unbreakable and sound.

For what’s inside can’t be depicted by my captors filthy deeds.

This vessel can be corrupt

Yet the mind is free from shackles.

A slave to no mortal,

A marvel to mankind.

For when the vessel dies,

This soul will break free.

Living a boundless life of sultry cravings of immortality.

Free to soar the skies,

Discovery what’s beyond.

A Galaxy far bigger than the mind can comprehend.

Guess that’s why gravity can make slaves of mortal men…


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  1. Jessica says:


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  2. neseknows says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words!


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