Eyes wide shut as the truth has been placed before thy feet.

A presence unbeknownst while being conscious.

Deflecting what we all know is true.

Living a lie just to express your truth.

A truth of wanting something more.

Something pure and perfect,

An ideology not present during a younger adolescence.

Call them crazy, call them stupid, call them foolish,

Foolishly stupid.

To believe that life would yield something more,

As you speak it into existence.

Tell me something…

What makes you happy?

A life told day by day,

Knowing what’s to come in the end?

Or a life filled with endless exhibitions.

No limit to the constant transitions,

Called journeys with fairytale endings.

Life needs to be lived,

Lived to the fullest…

Are you content,

Satisfied with what you’re being fed?

Or is there more room on your plate,

For a better tasting meal?

Why dine on scraps,

When Veil, Steak and Lobster is at your disposal.

Here’s a proposal,

Want more,

Need more,

Crave more,

Desire more,

Make your move.

Don’t be blinded by a wish they may never come true.


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