I don’t want to be a lesson,

Neither do I want to be a mistake.

I want to be the passion that you seek.

An adventure which yields satisfaction.

A climax without touch,

Boundless gratification…

A permanent decision,

One which won’t cause hesitation.

Say my name,

Say it loud, mmm… a melody so sweet.

Embrace those illusions, visions and obsess over me.

I want to be that dream,

The one that yearns you to not awaken.

The calm before the storm,

The Tusnami which bares a sudden rush!

The only thing that matters, is a World worth living.

A World filled with Love.

Close your eyes,

Taste these words I feed,

When your eyes open,

I can only hope your thirst has been tamed.

Pack your bags,

Let’s run away as we embrace the present.

Never look back on past recollections.

I want it… I want it bad.


Like we’re wearing Romeo & Juliets’ shoes.

Battling against all odds,

Paris & Helen.

These gunpowder stains blurry my vision,

As we play house Bonnie & Clyde.

A true toast to our past predecessors.

Take my hand as we create our own chapters…

When it’s all said and done,

Maybe they’ll raise our names above them all into the rafters…


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