Trapped in a pit of despair,

Where character is drawn with permanent ink.

Words written with a deceptive voice.

Self centered insecure choice.

The board has been set in stone,

Yet the pieces tend to change.

There’s no clear motive,

Black and white doesn’t sound the same.

Vision has been blurred,

Contemplating your own self worth.

What is real?

What is fake?

A mannequin filled with boisterous disdain.

Choice words, bare false statements.

Paving a way with tainted cement.

The cracks are large,

The truth can be seen.

Terrible beliefs scorch the soul,

Far worse than the suns heat.

Treading lightly…

Skating on thin ice…

Battling with your next move,

The crowd continuously check you.

No mate…

Pawns fall to the ground,

The King is visible.

Target acquired,

What’s the next move now?


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