Place my body near the Ocean.

Watch as the tide drags it in.

Shall I rise above the sea,

Or drown deep into the abyss?

We notice so little,

Yet yearn for much more.

Waiting to move,

As the door close…

There’s a boat ahead,

Safety is on the horizon.

Escaping from the RAW emotion.

Two swimmers race to one boat.

Both knowing each other’s motives,

Yet moving in an irregular pattern.

Waiting for the other to make a move.

Win the race,


Much at risk,

Is it worth the chance to take?

With one stroke,

A swimmer can win the race.

The boat has room for two,

Yet greed blinds the naked eye.

Lost souls, trying to piece a puzzle together.

Deep Abyss, take me.

Before these memories cloud my mind.

From time to time,

Dark desire creeps in,

Like a student doing homework,

Knowing the professor is watching their every move.

Professor what’s my grade?

I hope you notice every mistake.

Teach me how to be better,

Show me what I’m doing wrong.

Dehydration has me lost at sea,

Imagining, imaginary things.

This boat feels empty,

As the tide rocks back and forth.

I can see land in the distance,

Yet things seem still too far.

A rescue chopper has flown in,

As I look back I can only hope,

Hope you feel the same way…


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