Eyes Wide open,

Bodies in the motion.

A certain notion,

We are responsible for our motives.


Drowning in our own emotions.

Shouting inside,

With a psychotic smile reflecting back.

Look into the mirror,

Gaze upon the madness.

Lifes like a maze,

Trying to find the right words.

Trapped inside a vessel,

With no other choice.

Planning our next move,

Like a game of chess.

Living for the adventure,

Dying from the distance.

Feeling trapped,

Trapped as if you’re inside a straight jacket.

The four walls caving In,

Delaying the inevitable.

Craving the next moment for a fix.

Like a crack fiend,

Burning fingertips…

The alarm goes off…

Eyes wide open.

Formalizing a plan to keep the insanity locked in.

Spoken words,

A world filled with madmen.


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  1. Displaced says:

    This is so sad. Sounds like what went on the Robin Williams’s brain, or Bennington from Linkin Park. I think we should let the madness out because there is more room outside than inside.

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    1. neseknows says:

      Yes, mental health is a very complicated and difficult thing to experience. I hope that anyone who is dealing with an issue can express themselves. If not, hopefully I could be a person they can reach out to and tell their story or issue to. Hopefully this piece can help others soothe their pain and also give people who aren’t aware a glimpse inside of someone who is struggling with their emotions. Thank you for your comment and I hope you enjoy the material I post!


      1. Displaced says:

        Thank you for reaching out. People do need to raise their awareness of the emotional turmoil that terrorizes many people, who suffer silently. I appreciate your work.

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      2. neseknows says:

        No problem! Yes it’s a very sad truth, and I encourage anyone who is feeling like they can’t be heard; or are afraid of being judged to reach out.

        I really appreciate that, hopefully the hard work is paying off.

        If you have time in the future, there’s an older post titled “violation”, in which I write about victims who have experienced abuse.


      3. Displaced says:

        I will read it.

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