In the midst of the gates.

There’s a story to tale.

Bound by the heart,

Molded with love.

A mere sense of smitten infatuation,

Clouded by Dark Desire.

A mist has transpired,

Sacred fumes of vivacious pheromones.


Love like no other,

A creation which has no atonement.

What we create shall never become desolate.


Forever these ties shall cross like legs,

Legs made for walking,

Legs made to run.

Running out of options,

As time flies by.


Watching as the last grain drops,

A moment of brevity,

Gravity has diminished this hourglass.


As raindrops are heard,

Crashing down onto the concrete.

Take me to a river or lake,

Where the fishes spatter.

Darkness fills the sky,

As the stars begin to appear.

What we all yearn for,

Whenever love dissapears.

For what is near,

Seems so far away.

As the cows moo,

Milk is made.

Sultry silky cravings,

Definitive intent…

The darker it gets,

Fear begins to emerge.

What seemed so crazy,

Becomes a drug like Passion.


Falling in Love with Fate,

As I place my head down.

On a blanket of clouds,

My eyes turn to the Cosmos

Gazing upon the stars,

As my Journey unfolds…


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