Who Am I? Just another page in the Chapter. A thrill you’ll get over. A guilty pleasure? Who Am I? A soul lost in the dark. A mere whim or thought? Who Am I? Days feel long, nights feel endless. While the clock ticks, I ask for forgiveness. For I’m losing who I am. The…

The Forgotten

Hold me close, Watch what I see, A mere peek into my psyche. These days feel the same right now, Pick up the bottle, put it down. Constant visions of tomorrow’s tomorrow. A warm glass with one touch, Yet I’ve been sipping scotch on the rocks all night. A truth told way too many times….

Trojan Horse

Open your eyes and tell me what you see? A simple pawn, playing a Kings game. Capture those feelings of sorrow and pain. Hold them ransom and accept one’s fate. Open your eyes and tell me what you see? A tyrannical game not fit for me. The sheep are lead by wolves to the slaughter….