In search for a clear indication. Constant moments of hesitation. Like a yo-yo, Push, pull with no definitive intent. Yearning aggression, Yearning a moment of passion. A blueprint set into action. Maximize action, Minimize hesistaion. Like a hunter, With a bullseye on the buck. Pull the trigger or watch as the game is gone. No…

Trigger Me: Volume 9

Adam begins to test the waters with a newly built relationship, causing potential turmoil with an old flame.


In the midst of the gates. There’s a story to tale. Bound by the heart, Molded with love. A mere sense of smitten infatuation, Clouded by Dark Desire. A mist has transpired, Sacred fumes of vivacious pheromones. Love Love like no other, A creation which has no atonement. What we create shall never become desolate….