Empty Pack

I can see the pain written in your soul.

The constant struggle to contain the shouts.

A plea unbeknownst to docile ears.

A fear…

A fear of tomorrow because today seems too bad.

A constant reflection of what was said.

I will carry this burden for the last of my days.

Walk the Earth covered in shame.

Even on the darkest of days, it seems as if there’s still a void to be discovered. With every rebuttal a notation is made.

What makes you sane?

What drives you to push through the fight?

What helps you close your eyes at night, knowing the World will be still dark when you open them tomorrow?

Hidden in sorrow is a silent voice that can’t be heard.

Seeking self worth,

Craving an eternal space where two souls can intertwine.

This was our moment,

This was our fairytale…

When did it ever become a space where others could torment us to Hell.

A fiery pit where demons indulge and feed their jealousy.

I guess we all have to live our own truth and search for what we perceive as love and peace.

Well, me, for now, I’ll be the lone wolf carrying it all. The baggage, the pain, the sorrow and all. Even when my paw is wounded, I’ll lick my wounds and continue to disguise the pain.

Slowly walking through the desert as I find my own way.


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