This one’s Personal

As we take our seats,

We lay everything down on the table.

Carry our guilt,

Burrow the pain,

Gaze into one another’s souls as every emotion can be seen.

Through the looking glass; time stands still.

This table seems full, a palatable fate.

What we thought we had seems to slowly fade.

Utter the words I need to hear dearly,

Put away the pride and speak clearly.

For my heart is yearning for your everlasting love.

Yet my temperament can’t bare this silent bluff.

This cliffhanger seems too steep to tread,

With every climb we take it feels as if we’re stuck in quicksand.

Call out my name in the night,

Reassure me for the hollows will be heard.

I’ll listen closely, like your favorite song on repeat.

A voice soft like a children’s lullaby; It puts me to sleep.

I will lay in this bed we’ve made as I toss and turn,

Yearning for you to be near, a pleasureful warmth.

Your tears fall down like a terrible storm,

Drowning my heart,

As my bones shatter and turn into dust.

Place my ashes in an hourglass,

Watch as every grain falls to the bottom of an empty pit.

Before the last grain falls and my soul becomes lost,

Catch it and keep it in a safe place.

For I’m afraid if we don’t say the words that need to be said, we shall both fall victim to this abyss.



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