This picture doesn’t look the same anymore.

Who knew a smile could be so dangerous.

Long, black and wavy.

Butterflies turn into centipedes,

Every feeling, every moment feels like things are in reverse.

Lost in lust,

Lost in love,

Guilty pleasures we all are ashamed of.

This picture doesn’t feel the same.

Thought I had it all sketched in memory.

Oh, you’re a photographer,

Take a shot for me?

Hopefully the burn will ease the pain.

A collage flushed down the drain.

Pages ripped from a diary.

Enraged like a Teen.

A fantasy,

A dream.

A guilty pain you refuse to hold in memory.

Such a fool,

Such a tool,

Placing all your chips on one color,

Just to realize it wasn’t worth gambling.

Call MIB,

Have them erase it all.

Change the state of time with the infinity stones.

This hurt,

This pain,

This foolish mistake.

They crawl,

They creep,

They feed propagandic lies to fools who believe.

I heard you’re a photographer?

Take a shot for me?

Take a shot for me?

The spotlight is open,

Let the media create the motive,

A narrative written with false words.

Believe what you want,

Believe what you heard.

In the end, only you and I will have the last words.



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