Let me go,

Let me sink.

Let these emotions take over me.

As I leap,

I fall apart.

Let me go,

Let me sink.

Let these emotions take control of me.

Take the plank,

Sink this ship.

Release these shackles and crack the whip.

A thousand lashes,

Not one scream.

Stone look upon my face,

As I gaze into the deep.

Let me go,

Let me sink…

What seems like a puddle,

Becomes a lake.

What seems like a lake becomes an Ocean.

Drown me deep inside these emotions.

Set to cruise control,

Somebody take the wheel.

Don’t give me drugs,

I don’t want to heal.

Cancel therapy,

No need to express a thought.

I’ve succumb to mastering emotionless thoughts.

I fall apart,

I fall apart,

Eyes open, loss in thought.

Codeine, Xanax & Prozac…

The Doctor said it’ll feel like you’re relaxed.

These skittles got me loss in a maze

Dazed, confused, escaping realty.

A distraction similar to the Meta world.

This Styrofoam cup seems to hold more water than the Ocean.

A sour taste,

May be the lime in this sprite.

Let me go,

Let me sink.

The only thing I want prescribed is peace.

Take me to my grave,

Set flowers down and watch them fade away.

Beauty drifting into the Wind,

A loss soul destined to lose its way.



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