Trigger Me: Volume 11

My eyes are closed as I lay in bed stiff. Penelope is gone, I can feel it as her presence isn’t felt. I feel alone, just as I thought I could finally create a bond with someone other than Eunice. Frozen in anguish, afraid to open my eyes, I can hear footsteps coming towards my cell. The door opens, and two guards lift me from the bed. Carrying me like a sack of potatoes to a destination unknown. As I finally open my eyes, we enter a washroom. The aromas are clear as day…”Nectar.” The guards chain each arm with rope; keeping me restrained as I stand bare naked. Penelope walks into the wash room with a bucket filled with water and soap in another hand. Deadra walks in behind her with a dubious smirk on her face. “Clean Adam up nicely, Penelope. I don’t want any trace of your scent on him,” says Deadra. Penelope walks over, with shame written all over her face, and begins to wash my body. Deadra paces back and forth as she stares at me. As if I’m a gazelle and I’m her prey. “Penelope, you can stop this from happening,” Adam whispers. “Just keep quiet, Adam. You don’t understand the circumstances we’re in,” says Penelope. Deadra suddenly stops pacing and is still like a statue! Deadra walks over towards Penelope and I with anger written all over her face. Scanning my body up and down, she points out a small scratch on my inner thigh. “What is this, Penelope?” Deadra shouts! Penelope tries to explain herself, but Deadra nods her head in disagreement. Deadra forces Penelope to her knees! “I want you to plead to Adam and I for forgiveness,” says Deadra. “Stop humiliating her, it was just and accident”, says Adam. Deadra begins to clap her hands loudly, and suddenly the guards appear in the room again. Carrying a box of gloves, the guard hands a pair to Deadra. Deadra slips the gloves on and walks slowly towards me with her bodacious hips swaying from side to side. As she approaches me very closely, she begins to stare deep into my eyes as she whispers, “You must be perfect for me before you can have my body Adam”. As I stare into her eyes, my body freezes as if I’m paralyzed. I can’t move an inch! The smell of nectar is stronger than ever! I can’t help to become aroused, no matter how much training Penelope has prepared me for. My penis becomes erect as my body begins to shiver. I can feel Deadra’s warm hands begin to cuff my balls with one hand and my manhood with the other. “I’m so sorry Penelope has foolishly left an imperfection on your body, Adam, but it will heal,” says Deadra. Deadra begins to stroke me like never before, rhythmically playing with my head as she stretches the skin all the way down to the shaft. Groping my balls, gently squeezing them as she pulls the skin down towards the floor. “Open your mouth Penelope”, says Deadra. Penelope is still on her knees and submissively drops the soap and washcloth in an instant. As I can see her mouth salivating, she slowly gravitates her head towards my tool. Deadra stops her before she can take a mouthful of my girth. “Adam is mine now Penelope, I just want you to spit on his cock for me”, says Deadra. Penelope obeys and lubricates Deadra’s gloves. Speeding up and slowing down in rhythm, deadra has my tool in her possession and I can’t help but to moan in pleasure. Deadra begins to smile, never losing eye contact with me. Lost in a trance, it seems as if she’s held me hostage for hours and I still have yet to release. “Take your shirt off Penelope, Adam will soon submit”, says Deadra. How does she know when I’ll release? I’m not giving in to her sick games. Deadra doesn’t give up stroking me in rhythm. Constantly edging me over and over, suddenly her eyes turn red; similar to the time Penelope eyes did the same. I can feel my penis growing in size filling up with pressure as Deadra commands Penelope to open her mouth again as I release like a dormant volcano! Penelope begins to moan and whimper as I’ve left a sultry warm puddle of lava on her mouth and breast. Deadra takes her gloves off and throws them on Penelope as if she’s a waste basket. Walking away towards the door… “Take care of that scar Penelope, I’ll see you soon Adam”, Deadra laughs hysterically. Penelope cleans herself off and quickly cleans my body too. Ignoring my existence, Penelope picks up her things and rushes toward the door. The guards release me from bondage; as I fall to the floor. I look towards the ground and shout angrily! Punching the floor, I put my boxers back on and sit motionless. I want to plan my escape from this hell but I don’t know what will happen to Penelope if I do. Deadra wants my body to be perfect? For what? What the hell does all of this mean? The guards pick me up and carry me out of the washroom. We enter another room with a bed and finally a window, except there’s bars on it. I can’t help but to look out of it. In the near distant, there’s a beautiful meadow with flowers swaying in the wind. The sky is an unordinary pink color and I yearn to escape and venture this odd world. I refuse to lay in the bed and make myself a nice little spot on the floor and close my eyes, preparing for the next day.

The next morning, Penelope enters the room with a tray of food. Passing it over to me, I throw it at the wall. Penelope walks over to the mess and tries to pick up what’s salvageable. “Stop the madness, Adam, you need your strength, or you won’t survive this,” says Penelope. I accept and grab the food and beverage given to me. Penelope explains how nectar saps the energy from humans. She doesn’t give me much conversation other than that. Deadra enters the room with a guard! The guard rushes towards me as I try to fight him off! Another guard enters the room, and they tie my hands up again and chain both ankles to the ground with chains. Deadra walks up to me and sees my hand has been injured. “Why must you resist Adam? There’s no use, and you’re only punishing Penelope,” says Deadra. Penelope stands helplessly with a sad look on her face. “Do you want to be free Adam, do as I say, and you’ll be free one day. Free to do as you choose, but you must give me what I want before any of that can happen. Hurting your body is only going to make things worse! What is it, am I not attractive enough for you, do you want Penelope? “says Deadra. Deadra shouts for Penelope to come closer to her and Adam. Deadra tells Penelope to bend over, and Penelope obeys. Deadra pulls Penelopes panties down as her ass is bare in front of me. “Is this what you want Adam, or maybe it’s your poor little Earth slut Eunice”, says Deadra. “Don’t ever say her name”, Adam shouts! Deadra commands Penelope to leave the room and she rushes out of it. Deadra unrestrains me and I have an opportunity to escape! “Well, go Adam if thats what you want. Good luck finding your way home, because without me you won’t ever get back”, says Deadra. “I’ll play your game Deadra but I have one request”, says Adam. “What is that Adam”, says Deadra. “Free Penelope from this world and I’ll do anything you want”. Deadra nods her head in acceptance as she stares at the door. The door slams shut with force as her eyes turn red again. Deadra is wearing a silky black gown, but her body can be seen through it. Her breast are perky and she has a beautiful lustful frame. She walks towards the bed as the gown slowly falls from her bare naked body. As she climbs on top of the bed, she lays down in the doggy postion with her ass arched. Her body secretes a mist of nectar! ” I can no longer wait, take me Adam”, says Deadra. I walk over towards the bed as I spread her ass open with both hands. Tasting her lips with my tounge, I grip her ass ever so tightly as she begins to moan softly. Just the taste of her juices have me fully aroused. Her skin is soft and she smells like an unimaginable scent. Her body is the perfect temperature. As I work my tounge around her lips, I spell words of passion with every lick. Deadra begins to shake in pleasure. I flip Deadra over and spread her legs open, continuing to play with her kitty with my tounge. Working a finger, penetrating her walls searching for her g-spot. Deadra grabs a pillow and covers her face with it as I can hear her whimper in pleasure. I tease her clit with my tounge as she begins to soak the sheets. Clenching them with one hand, as her other hand grabs the back of my head. Her moans begin to echoe louder as she climaxes! Pulling my boxers off, I climb up on top of her as we make eye contact. Entering her vessel, I lift her legs up towards my chest. I grab her voluptuous hips, forcing my tool deeper into her. I can feel every inch of her swallowing my girth as she moves her hands towards my waist pushing me away. Removing her hands away from my waist, I clench onto her ass with both hands and make her take every inch of me as she obeys and clenches the sheets again. I can feel an extremely wet sensation begin to soak up my thighs. Deadra grabs my back with both hands and scratches it, Shouting out in pleasure! Suddenly grabbing my neck and biting it! I can feel an intense burn as she drains my blood from me… I’m slowly losing consciousness, and the only thing I can hear before passing out is Deadra’s voice saying… “You’re one of us now, Adam…”

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