Shooting Star

Sitting in the Presidential,

Soaking up sweat in these satin sheets.

The smell of honey,

Craving sweet nectar.

These days seem so blue,

Open the window and gaze upon the view.

Streets lights,

Give me the green light and I’ll go.

To a place you’ve never been before,

Shopping down rodeo drive.

Laughing it up like we Rich Folks,

Just to past time.

This needle makes everything slow down,

Pushing 200mph,

Running away from my shadow wondering why I’m always down?

The Swisher doesn’t hit the same,

Searching for a rush,

Like it’s a busy lunch day.

The bottles been empty for awhile,

Watching the ice melt,

It seems like ages,

Twenty-Five years to be exact.

Guess you can tell I like the finer things in life.

Named my dog Macallan,

A man’s best friend, right?


Coincidentally getting deeper in my feelings.

This lifestyle comes with a price,

What will it be to sacrifice?

Love, integrity, honor or Sanity?

Blinded by the color green,

Forgetting about me…

Who Am I?

Who are we?

Having multiple feelings race through my mind,

Looking like Snoopy as he gazes at the moon at night.

Knight in shining armor,

Waiting for the blades of War to cut me deep.

Love, Passion & Feeling being my Achilles.

Will I keep falling like Charlie Brown,

Or Wake up and release these chains like Steven; please Grant me this one Wish….


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