Love Tale

Tell me why you brought lightness to the dark.

Tell me why you changed the shades I see.

Tell me, please tell me I’m free.

Free to soothe my soul in these feelings.

Like a warm bubble bath on a cold stormy day.

Tell me, how did you move the storm away.

These dark clouds no longer cloud my judgment.

With one touch,

My heart rises like a Tsunami.

Tell me why we’re so close,

Yet so far away.

Split like the Ocean, a tale told by the decendents of Moses.

How could something so pleasing still be dangerous to yield?

I want to Feel,

I want to touch,

I want the warmth,

I crave the Love.

If you’re going to tell me something,

I hope it starts and ends with the word Love.

See I Am Afraid,

Afraid to cross a boundary,

Unfamiliar territory.

With no one to hold me up,

A shoulder to lean on.

What seems loss,

Feels gained by the thought of me and you.

Changing my blues tune to a colorful view.

A song worth singing on repeat,

A feeling stronger than butterflies.

What a time to be alive,

With you, things seem perfectly fine…


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