Who Am I?

Just another page in the Chapter.

A thrill you’ll get over.

A guilty pleasure?

Who Am I?

A soul lost in the dark.

A mere whim or thought?

Who Am I?

Days feel long, nights feel endless.

While the clock ticks,

I ask for forgiveness.

For I’m losing who I am.

The pages are there,

Yet the words seem blurry.

Who Am I?

Who Am I?

A Father, A Brother, A Woman A Wife?

They say the blind can’t see,

Yet I walk freely without help.

My shadow is near,

Yet my presence can’t be felt.

I look in the mirror,

Envision a hero.

Maybe even someone who can be loved.

Just to vanish away,

Loss in the fog…

I’m driving blind,

Even when the lights seem high or dim.

Who Am I?

Who Am I?

They say the blind can’t lead the blind.

Yet my right foot follows every step my left one takes.

Yearning for warmth,

Yearning for love.

Let me feel something,

Even a moment of pain.

These days feel so numb,

Like I’ve drained the bottle,

Just to be content with my sorrow.

if there’s a tomorrow,

If there’s another day,

Please wake me up,

Please say my name…

Help me remember “Who I Am”…


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