Library Room

Tell me a reason,

Please tell me a reason.

Tell me a reason,

To think about me and you.

Like the four seasons,

With each day that passes,

I’m constantly thinking of you.

Life is like a book,

Except I’m lost in the pages.

Constantly smiling as I look back on past reflections,

As I live gloomy, lost and confused In the present.

How could something so close be so far away?

I want these words to mean something,

Cut deeply as they fade in memory.

With no shotgun shells or cyanide,

To ease the words on this storybook called life.

Where does one find solace?

Trapped in a pitiful pool of emotion,

Protracting the constant thirst for Prozac.

As my body becomes stiff like a mannequin,

My soul feels trapped,

eternally having a manic attack.

Feelings become Polar opposite.

Smiling one instance,

Sorrowful in pain next.

Tell me a reason,

Please tell me a reason why these feelings exist?

As my fear creeps in,

I can finally say your name…


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