Fixated at the path which goes right,

Yearning for everything that comes from the left.

Two steps forward, three steps back.

Contemplating the right path.

I don’t want to be right,

I want to be free.

Trapped inside these woods,

Constant emotions pulling me away.

Like a puppet performing an irrational play.

Stick to one path,

this confusion is driving me insane.

Constantly indulging what you’ve served,

Just to still feel empty.

This hunger, this craving, this insatiable feeling.

I need to know, is it real?

Or am I trapped inside my own feelings?

Moving forward, pulling back, to the right,

To the left.

A moment of delirium is causing a slight case of vertigo.

Someone please come save me,

For I’m loss in this daydream.

The map becomes unreadable,

Like a signal underneath a table.

Pull the rug from underneath,

Visualize a locked door that needs to be breached.

Breach me,

Teach me,

Help me understand your motives.

Or shall I be shackled,

Like a slave running away from the Ghetto.

Are my eyes wide shut?

Will you pick me up when I fall?

Laying in a puddle filled with mixed emotions.

Suddenly a person *taps* my vessel.

Asking me, “have you solved this puzzle”?

Nodding my head no, I’ll forever be loss in this Maze…


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