Trigger Me: Volume 10

Picture a room with a bed covered with the softest

silk sheets your fingers could ever touch. Fluffy

pillows; the one’s that don’t fizzle up your hair. The

mattress nice and firm for your back, yet soft enough

to feel as if you’re sleeping In the clouds. Now picture

laying in the bed. Relaxed, feeling your best in life. No

shame of the way your body looks, curves, stretch

marks and cellulite. Indulging on your favorite brand

of ice cream as you lay there in the finest set of lingerie

money could buy. Eyes closed as you invision what the

future will be like. Thinking of that special man who

has your heart. The butterflies, the daydreams to

match those butterflies. As you say his name over and

over like your favorite love song… Adam… Adam…


It’s been weeks now, as Adam and I share a room.

Building his tolerance has been quite the adventure.

We play cat and mouse throughout the day as his

sexual appetite for me grows stronger. Adam has made

me laugh countless times, told me stories about Earth

and the many things any woman could only wish for.

Little does he know, I’m falling in love. Just his

presence alone makes butterflies creep into the depths

of my stomach. His scent, his voice and his touch are

things any female could ever ask for. I’ve been alone

for a long time and when he appeared, it’s as if this

void in my heart has been replaced with joy. The first

person to enter my flower and plant a seed; a seed of

warmth, a seed of girth, a seed of love. Things started

off as lust yet with every second that passes it seems to

grow into something more. I love this man, the way he

holds me at night, the way his jokes make me laugh

and the way he fucks me whenever he wants. Adam

has it all and isn’t afraid to show it. Deadra wants me

to train him as her new play toy; and for what? For

him to fuck her until she finds a new toy to play with? I

want more, I want to leave Nectar and run away with

Adam. I want to see what Earth is truly like and

indulge in all of it’s adventures. Most of all I want

Adam to fall in love with me and forget about Eunice. I

haven’t broken the news to him, but I know exactly

what’s going on while he’s trapped inside this

dimension or what he calls a “video game”. Eunice

seems to be living her best life and gaining the power

and stature her heart has always desired. Yet I can’t tell

Adam what’s truly going on. I sense great stress and

confusion growing in his heart. A great friendship is

being created, Yet I still feel an insurmountable

amount of love he has for Eunice deep inside. I know

that if he finds a way to free himself from this world,

he’d leave me in the dark; picking up the pieces of my

broken heart. Yet I can’t blame Adam for the way

things have transpired. For now, I shall enjoy every

moment with him like it’s my last.

As I close my journal, Adam walks out of the shower.

Drying off his body with a towel as he smirks my way.

“What, you think just because you can work out now at

the gym you can flaunt your body around and tease

me?”, say Penelope. Adam begins to pose and flex his

muscles. There’s crevices I’ve never seen before and I

thought I’ve seen them all. Abs in all the right places

like a sculpture from Greece. Adam walks over to the

bed as he places his hands on each one of my thighs.

“Trust me Penelope, I’m not trying to tease you. Besides

you already know you can have anything on me

whenever you like”, says Adam. We both smile

aimlessly as his hands move towards my face.

Grabbing it ever so gently as he kisses my lips. I grab

him by the neck and giggle, as I slowly nibble on his

ear. Adam begins kissing me softly on the neck,

sending vibrations down my body which make my legs

shake. “Can I take what I want Penelope?”, says Adam.

I slowly murmur, “yes daddy”. As he works his lips

down my neck towards my breast. As he kisses them, I

can feel his strong and warm hands begin to caress my

breast. Tickling my nipples with his tongue, sucking on

them like a newborn mammal in dire need for

nutrients. I moan with positive affirmations as he lifts

me off of the bed. Getting on my knees, Adam starts to

slowly unfold his towel. Cuffing his balls with one

hand, I work my mouth towards his penis. A scent I’ve

learned to crave. I spit on the tip of his cock, marking

my territory like a feral beast. Grabbing his rock hard

ass, I shove a mouth full of his girth deep down my

throat, pushing back tears. I can feel Adam getting

harder with every motion back and forth. Slobbering

on his tool like it’s a hot summer day and a popsicle is

my only hope from the agonizing heat. I can feel every

vein throbbing the outer walls of my throat. Adam

releases my hands from his ass, as he force feeds me

his manhood. With one swift gesture, he pulls his cock

out of my mouth. “Penelope are you okay?”, says

Adam. “I’m a big girl Adam, I can take it”, says

Penelope. Adam begins to smile with a devious look of

aggression. Adam lifts me up off of my feet ever so

quickly! Turns me around as he pushes my face into

the mattress. Adam grabs my panties from the floor

and ties my hands behind my back. At this point I feel

helpless as my kitty begins to drip. “Arch your ass up

Penelope”, Adam commands! I listen to his every order

as Adam begins to fuck me like never before. Starting

off slow and deep, then repetitively and rapidly

digging into my walls like an animal trying to bury it’s

treasure! Every time I begin to weap and cry in

satisfaction. He covers my mouth with his hands.

Suddenly I can feel my heart begin to race and a

massive sensation fills my tummy, as if he’s deep inside

my guts. I can hear a constant dripping noise as I turn

my head to look. Adams’ balls are smacking against my

kitty, and the floor is wet. “Slow down Adam”, says

Penelope. My eyes begin to water and my cheeks turn

bright red, I think I’ve pissed myself!? Adam slows

down, running his hands through my hair as he

whispers “you just came for me”. This man knows my

body more than I know it myself. He is my equal in

every way. The embarrassing look on my face turns

into a full blown look of satisfaction. As my jaw drops,

my lips begin to salivate. Adam slips his thumb inside

of my mouth, as I begin to suck on it. This time his cock

is in me even deeper as he motions to a slow and

steady rhythm. With every deep intent, I can feel a wet

reception in acceptance. As the minutes go by, Adam

slowly fucks me to complete satisfaction. Just before I

could release another climatic eruption; we both can

hear a loud moan in the background. As we both turn

our heads towards the bedroom door, Deadra is

standing there! Before Adam and I could even say one

word, Deadra says “Both of you clean up, get him

ready Penelope for tomorrow”. As she closes the door,

we can hear footsteps rapidly walking away. “What’s

tomorrow Penelope?”, says Adam. Penelope looks in

anguish and says “your final test”.


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