Lost in the trenches,

Barricaded fences wrapped in barbed wire.

Knee deep in the thickness of mud,

Treading slowly,

Like a polar bear on ice.


Lost in the trenches,

Poignant fumes.

Knee deep in the thickness of mud.

Dig deep,

Dig deeper.

So deep,

The world becomes weighted on the shoulders.

Lost in the trenches,

A constant battle for what’s right,

A constant War for what’s wrong.

Lost in the trenches,

Searching for more.

Please me,

Please you,

Please plead passionately…

Lost in the trenches,

Willing to invade enemy territory,

Just to be close to you.

As our eyes lock,

Hoping that moment will last an eternity.

In that moment,

life seems complete.

Lost in the trenches,



For a clear path to take.

The battlefield clouds judgment,

The cries cloud clarity.

Fate has intertwined two webs,

Which once were perpendicular.

A peculiar moment of monumental intimacy.

Lost in the trenches,

Awaiting for you to save me…

Save me from myself,

Lost in the trenches,

Battle cry,


Lost in the trenches,

A pit of despair.

Lost in the trenches,

To yearn, to hope, to hold to complete…

Lost in the trenches,

Looking up at the Moon,

Realizing how close you are,

Yet still so far away.

A bright light in the madness,

A light that clears out the pain.

A light that distracts me from reality.

Lost in the trenches,

As my comrades cry in pain,

Like our ancestors beneath our feet.

Lost in the trenches,

Awaiting the last meal,

The table is set,

Awaiting the presence of you next to me.

Lost in the trenches,

Bleeding out…

Dying slowly…

My eyes close,

My legs go numb,

My arms are limp,

My soul feels defeat…

Lost in the trenches,

Yet my heart continues to beat eternally…

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