The air that we breathe,

Does it truly exist?


Pacing in a motion back and forth.

Uneasy, like a rocky boat.

These motions, these motives.

Racing rapidly through the Oceans of love.

What we need,

What we want,

To touch…

Come closer, embrace and cling,

Like a newborn baby.

From dusk to dawn, yearning for more need.

The need to feel, the need to love.

The need to be close and never leave.

The deepest of cravings,

Like the purest of drugs.

Walking away knowing if you turn around,

What you shall see is the sight of love.

Heart rate rising,

Thoughts run sporadically.


Suffocating on feelings,

Suffocating on the urge,

Suffocating on love…

The boat has settled,

As the Ocean calms.

From Afar an island can be seen.

Land beneath your feet,

Yet with the thought of loneliness,

Still feeling like you’re suffocating…


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