Trigger Me: Volume 9

The next morning, I wake up no longer bound by any

chains. The door is opened from where I’m being held.

I stand to my feet and contemplate whether or not this

is a test. Walking over next to the entrance of the door,

I can hear someone breathing softly from the outside. I

peak my head outside to see who it is. Penelope is

standing next to the outside of the door with a smirk

on her face, biting her lips. “What’s going on here”,

says Adam. “I’ve decided to take you to another room

Adam, seems to me you’re well behaved now. I think I

can trust you enough to share a room together”, says

Penelope. We walk a long hallway, one that would

bring chills to the normal persons spine. It’s as if I’m a

death row inmate and I’m being escorted to the electric

chair or gas chamber. From afar I can see a room, with

ominous colors of radiant pink glaring out of it.

Penelope and I eventually stop there. Penelope

gestured for me to enter the room. Once inside I can

see a desk with books and writing material placed on

it. A King size bed with soft silk sheets and a walk in

shower a tad bit from afar. Before I could react,

Penelope walks outside of the room and shuts the

door, locking it. “I’ll be right back Adam, please make

yourself comfortable”, says Penelope. Confused, yet

happy to have a better place dwell; I sit at the desk.

Finally feeling a sense of comfort, I pick up a pen and

start writing on the paper provided. It felt as if it was a

journal of sorts. A place where I could write my

emotions and escape from this madness. In that

moment I wrote about Unice and how bad I missed her

smell, her touch and just being in the comfort of what I

called home with her. Penelope enters the room again

and she’s holding a tray with fresh eggs, sausage, toast

and orange juice on it. She has an apron on as if her

duty was to serve me. I told myself I’d start playing this

game with her, with the idea of winning in the back of

my head. I need to find a way to get out of Nectar and

return what is rightfully mine. Penelope walks over to

the desk and makes room for the tray of food and juice.

As she places the tray down, I grab her from behind by

the waist and softly say, “please sit down”. She obeys

my command. “Adam, this food is for you. I want to

make you feel more welcome in my home of sorts”,

says Penelope. “Has anyone ever tended to your needs

Penelope?”, says Adam. She nods her head no with a

sad look on her face. I gently tie her hair up away from

the front of her face, “there now you can eat without

your hair getting in the way”, says Adam. Penelope

blushes as I begin to feed her little bits of the eggs and

sausage. I quickly grab a piece of toast as she snickers

in shock. “What? I really love toast”, says Adam. We

both begin to talk about the situation we’re both in.

Penelope says she knows that I want to escape and get

back to my new life. We both agree that Deadra is in

the path of that happening. Penelope says her job is to

tend to my needs and figure out a way to control my

sexual rage; when smelling Dearda’s strong

pheromones. “Adam you have to learn how to control

your sexual desires”, says Penelope. “Trust me, I don’t

have sexual desires for Deadra”, says Adam. “It’s not

what you think you desire; but what your sexual

cravings desire.

The body is an amazing thing and you humans

lust for sexual satisfaction. Adam you must learn to

control the mental and physical urgency of arousal”,

says Penelope. “How am I supposed to do that?”, says

Adam. Penelope gets up from the desk and grabs my

hand and the glass of orange juice. We both walk over

to the bed as she sits on top of the sheets. Penelope

begins to unbutton her shirt, as her perky breast pop

out. Penelope takes the glass of orange juice and slowly

pours a bit in between her breast as I watch it flow

down to her belly button. “Don’t you want to taste the

orange juice Adam, I know you’re thirsty”, says

Penelope. “Nope, I’m not thirsty Penelope”, says Adam.

Penelope inches closer to me with her legs spread. I

can see her panties underneath the skirt she’s wearing.

Penelope grabs the front of my pants, holding my

manhood in her hands. “I can feel how hard you’re

getting Adam, how the hell are you supposed to pass

any test if you aren’t truthful with yourself”, says

Penelope. In that moment I realize something that I

hadn’t before. The point is that I’ll never control my

sexual cravings by trying to suppress them. They need

be released! I grab Penelope by the throat and begin to

lick the orange juice off of her chest. Tasting her

areolas, softly sucking on her nipples like a starving

child. Biting them ever so gently, just to tease her

sensory glands to mere satisfaction. I can hear

Penelope begin to moan without restraint. I work my

tongue slowly downwards towards her belly button.

Pulling her skirt off as I see her kitty begin to moist

outside the lining of her panties. Penelope’s legs begin

to quiver and shake. I unbuckle my pants and pull

everything off. Standing there with my rock hard tool

throbbing. “Which would you like to have first, my

tongue or meat?”, says Adam. Penelope begins to

whimper and beg for one at a time as I caress her

breast and kiss her inner thighs. I nod my head in

acceptance and before she could prepare for my moist

tongue or girth; I grab the glass of orange juice in her

hands. Sipping on it as I walk towards the shower. “Did

I forget to mention that I love the taste of orange juice

as well”, says Adam. Penelope looks in disbelief as she’s

left there laying in bed, starving for more of me. “Get

me some new clothes, while you cool down a but

Penelope”, says Adam. Penelope buttons her shirt back

up as she hops off of the bed. “Adam you’re learning

very fast, as your obedient servant I’ll do as you wish”,

says Penelope. She walks out of the door as I turn the

shower on, locking it behind her…

Penelope returns to the room with a new pair of

clothes in her hands. Once out of the shower, I grab

them from her and place them on the desk. “Penelope,

you said earlier that I’m learning quickly. What makes

you think that I’ve learned anything?”, says Adam.

Penelope explains how no one has ever showed that

type of self restraint and master the art of seduction all

at once. “I thought you were going to take control of

me and give in to your cravings”, says Penelope. I walk

over towards her bed, with nothing but a towel on and

lay on top of the sheets. Penelope joins me, as we both

talk about life. Penelope tells me how she’s lived here

her entire life. Watched as humans find ways to enter

her world and how Deadra takes control of them.

Penelope says Deadra gets a thrill out of how we can’t

control ourselves when smelling their pheromones,

but it’s vital to our lives that we do. Penelope says most

of us end up dying if our urges don’t get controlled.

Most humans have died, yet Drax found a way to

control it all. “Well I want to master control and get the

hell out of here, says Adam. “Well if this helps you at

all, you’re moving closer to mastering self control

faster than Drax”, says Penelope. Penelope lays her

head on my chest and says “I’m just happy to not be

alone for the time being”. I look down at her eyes and

can’t help but to feel apathy. Suddenly we both begin to

kiss each other passionately. Her lips are soft like

pedals from a Rose. Penelope begins to caress my body,

maneuvering her fingers across every inch of my abs.

She unfolds the towel and begins to kiss me all over. As

if she’s making sure every inch is covered with her soft

lips. Moving slowly down towards my cock, Penelope

gently begins to stroke me. Grabbing my balls and

caressing them in her hands simultaneously. I begin to

pre-cum as she smirks in acceptance. Tasting me,

making sure to lick up every last drop as if I’m a

popsicle melting in the summer heat. Penelope shoves

my hard tool deep in the depths of her throat.

Fightning the urge not to gag, she begins sucking

without hands. Guiding her actual hands towards her

panties. Pulling them off as she begins to rub her lips. I

can see her juices begin to flow as I hear them

smacking with every touch and insertion. In that

moment we both gaze into one another’s eyes as we

both erupt into a climax.

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