Trigger Me: Volume 8

Darkness…. Darkness all around me. As I close my eyes

in regret and sorrow, I see Unice walk out of this huge

corporate like building, hand in arm with the man that

has trapped me inside of this video game. I can’t

contemplate why Unice would be with him or if she

even heard my plead for help. Has she chosen him

over me? Does he have a spell on her and where

exactly is Niya? For a moment my love for Unice

begins to fade, yet the memories we both share for one

another clouds my mind. I need to figure out a way to

get out of this game and I must find a way back to her

heart! I open my eyes and can see that I’m just sitting

in a white room, the walls are padded and the floors

are soft. As if I’ve been checked into an insane asylum

of sorts. I can hear a brief giggle behind me. I turn my

body toward the sound and can see a metal door with

a small hole to talk out of in front of me. I’m restrained

in a jacket and become weary and confused. “Whose

there and what do you want”, says Adam. I plant my

face on the metal door and with one eye, glance into

the peephole of the door. A young woman is standing

there. Timid and short in stature; she looks very fragile

and her skin tone is a shade of faint pink. “Answer me

dammit, what do you want?”, says Adam. “It’s not what

I want but what Deadra wants”, says the young

woman. “Who’s Deadra and what exactly does she

want with me”, says Adam. “First you must show that

you can play nice before you meet Deadra Adam”, says

the young woman. “How do you know my name?”,

says Adam. “We all know your name Adam, seems like

you’ve been replaced with Drex”, says the young

woman. As she continues to talk, all I can think about

is Unice and a way to get out of this video game. Lost

and confused I agree to “play nice” for the time being.

“Well can I at least get your name”, says Adam. “My

names Penelope”, says the young girl. We begin talking

about how I’m trapped inside of Nectar and how I’ve

been replaced by a spell with Drex. Penelope tells me I

am now owned by a Deity named Deadra. I ask her

why am I being held inside a room for people who

have gone mad and she explains to me how most

people would’ve already hurt themselves by now out

of mere confusion. “The rules are simple Adam, play

nice, eat your food, drink your water and when

Deadra is ready to see you I’ll take you to her”, says

Penelope. I nod my head in agreement as Penelope

walks off into the distance. I yell out for her to come

back but my screams aren’t answered. A few moments

later Penelope returns with a plate of food and water.

“How am I supposed to eat if I can’t use my arms and

hands?”, says Adam. “If I open the door and give you

the food, you have to promise to play nice”, says

Penelope. I nod my head in agreement and can hear

her dropping the tray on the ground and unlocking the

door. The door opens and Penelope brings the tray

inside. “Wow, you yield a lot of power for self

restraint”, says Penelope. Lost and confused Penelope

begins to tell me how in this world or what I consider

a video game, most humans begin to rage out of

control by the smell of the pheromones secreted from

her body. Penelope tells me that I must be madly in

love with a woman from Earth. We begin to talk about

Unice as she feeds me. After I’m finished, Penelope

pulls a pair of keys from her pocket and unlocks the

jacket I’ve been strapped into. She walks outside of the

door and locks it. “Well it seems like you will meet

Deadra sooner than you think Adam; you’ve passed the

first test”, says Penelope. Feeling a sense of relief from

being trapped inside of the straight jacket, all I can do

is fall to the ground and spread my limbs out in

relaxation. I close my eyes and fall soundly asleep. The

next morning I can hear footsteps coming closely to

the door. The little window opens and a woman can be

heard calling out my name… Adam. I open my eyes

and get up to my feet from the floor. The woman

unlocks the door and walks inside the room. I glance

up at her and suddenly a blind rage fills every inch of

my body. My heart starts pacing rapidly and the

strongest sexual desire I’ve ever felt my body

encounter blankets my body like a dark cloud covering

the day sky. Before I could process my own thoughts

my body reacts, reaching for hers. Before anything can

happen she rushes outside of the door and locks it! I

can hear chatter coming outside the door. I place my

ear on the metal door and can hear Penelope

explaining to the mysterious woman how she thought I

was strong enough to possibly be immune to their

pheromone that they secret. “No human has ever been

that strong to resist my nectar”, says the woman. She

tells Penelope that she will be punished for what has

just transpired as they both walk away. I sit back down

and wonder what exactly is happening. I’ve never felt

that aroused in my life. It felt as if another person was

controlling my body. Before I could even get my

bearings correct the door opens again and another tray

with food and water is given to me as the door shuts

and footsteps are heard running away. I eat the food

and drink the water given to me. I can only imagine

what tomorrow will be like In this crazy world I’ve

gotten myself stuck in. Closing my eyes, I lay down and

wait as I dream of Unice.

The next morning, I open my eyes and something

seems very strange. I look down at my leg and see that

I’ve been chained like a dog to the wall. I can hear

Penelope outside of the door pleading for someone not

to unlock the door. I can see someone sticking a

vacuum like object inside of my room from the hole

and a smoke like vapor begins to enter it. The smell is

very familiar, like the one from the day before. I

become aroused and my heart begins to race once

more. Penelope is screaming for help, all I can think is

for the person forcing Penelope to enter; not to do this

to this poor helpless girl. Before I can react, I can hear

Penelope say, “Please don’t do this to Adam, he doesn’t

deserve this”. With my heart racing and fully aroused

the door opens and Penelope enters. The door closes

and I can hear it lock. The room is dead silent and you

could hear a pin drop if you were in it. Penelope is

standing next to the door timidly. Blue eyes, small

bodacious frame and a faint pink skin tone like before.

My body is reaching over for hers but the chains keep

me restrained. “Why are you apologizing to me

Penelope, you’re the one in danger”, says Adam. “No

Adam, you have no clue who we are or what I am”,

says Penelope. Before I could respond, Penelope’s head

rises and her eyes go from blue to red and her hair

from black to red as well. She begins unclothing

herself. Slowly peeling her stockings off of her thick

thighs, pulling her skirt off next, unbuttoning her polo

shirt as her perky breast pop out. She grabs her hair

and ties it into a bun as she walks my way. Getting

down to her knees she approaches me and grabs my

rock hard tool, slowly maneuvering her mouth around

the tip of my head as if it’s a lollipop from the candy

store. I can feel her mouth secreting saliva around my

hard Johnson, as her tounge plays a game of cat and

mouse with me. I plead for her to stop as she slowly

utters “I can’t”… I begin to precum as she smacks her

lips in pleasure of the taste, suddenly It has went from

just the tip to my entire cock deep in the depths of her

throat. I can feel the veins throbbing, as I begin to

swell up like a water hose with a knot. Penelope gets

up from her knees with a devilish smirk on her face.

She jumps on top of me as I plead for her to stop. All I

can hear her say is “I’m sorry” as she motions my third

leg onto her kitty. With every rub I can feel a warm

sensation. Then without warning I enter her like an

intruder trying to force their way into a banks safe. I

can feel every inch of her. Like a banana being peeled

piece by piece. Wet like the Amazonian rain forest;

without hesitation I’m thrusting my pelvis as

Penelopes’ ass begins to smack against the rooms wall.

As I’m caving in her walls, I can hear my balls smack

against her as she begins to drip like honey from a

spoon. As I fall to the floor Penelope rides me faster

and faster. With my hands on her hips, they slowly

approach her butt; pulling her in deeper. She begins to

moan and whimper in ecstasy as I smack her ass. We

both submit to our dark pleasures as I erupt like a

sleeping Volcano. Laying in a puddle of our own juices,

her eyes turn back to the color blue and so does her

hair. She lays on top of me and as if she has multiple

personalities she looks up and apologizes. We both

hold one another tightly as I say “It’s okay”. I share a

moment of intimacy with a young woman I don’t even

know and in that moment feelings are felt for a split

second. Feelings I’ve never felt before except with one

woman…. Unice. Penelope and I begin to talk and she

explains how humans are affected by their

pheromones greatly and can’t control themselves. She

explains how she becomes aroused by the fact that I’m

aroused, “Kindly like a vampire when they can smell

the fresh blood of a human”, says Penelope. We both

chuckle at the analogy. Penelope tells me how she has

been punished for the incident the day before. The

mysterious woman was Deadra and she was going to

come talk to me but I couldn’t resist her pheromone,

“Well it’s called Nectar where we come from”, says

Penelope. “That’s one harsh punishment if you ask

me”, says Adam. Penelope explains how it is actually a

pleasure she has been craving but the true punishment

is that she was a virgin before this happened and that I

was her first human being. “Adam, I know the love that

you have for the girl in your world and I knew what

this would do to you, I didn’t want to cause you this

pain”, says Penelope. I look into her eyes and tell her

how I’m not in any pain and that my past life is over.

Penelope smiles as we begin to kiss passionately. Little

does she know, this is a game and I’m the biggest

competitor she’ll ever meet!

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