Trigger Me: Volume 7

While heading home Drex thanks me for coming along and says his trust for me is growing with each second that passes. He wants to take an important pit stop before going home and dealing with Niya. “Well where do you have in mind Drex”, says Niya. “Just wait and see young lady it’s a surprise”, says Drex. Eventually we head deeper downtown and find ourselves arriving at a nice boulevard packed with many amenities. “Unice, open up the glove compartment again and there’s a secret latch on the side, push the button and get the black card out”, says Drex. “What’s this for Drex”, says Unice. “Sweetie, I want to take you to that store over there and get you the perfect dress. No matter my intentions, a beautiful woman like you should have nice things to go with a beautiful heart. I want to see every perfect curve you have skin tight in your favorite colors. So I can envision what it will be like taking my time peeling each pedal off of you like layers from a rose”, says Drex. I begin to blush at the thought of Drex giving me compliments. “Adam always believed that I was beautiful but I have doubts”, says Unice. “Stop talking about Adam! He’s gone and you need to focus on what matters which is our future Unice”, says Drex. I had never seen Drex that frustrated and mad before. Yet he was right, I made my decision but why do I keep thinking about Adam? I mean I believe everything happens for a reason and this is my new fate. Besides there’s no way to get him back. “Drex, I’m sorry for bringing him up again. This is all new to me and things are hard right now”, says Unice. “I completely understand Unice. I’m sorry for taking things a bit overboard”, says Drex. We both gather our composure and enter the dress shop. An older woman helps me choose the perfect dress to wear. While she’s taking my measurements to make a few adjustments to the dress, I close the dressing room door. As I look at myself in the mirror, I can’t help but to doubt If what Drex is saying to me is true. Does he want me to take over everything he has created, what are his intentions and does he truly see beauty in me? I feel so selfish and disgusting. What if that was Adam calling for help and I could’ve done something? What if Drex is just using me and will trap me inside Nectar too? The dressing room door opens and I can see Drex walking up behind me closing the door. “Unice, why are you staring in the mirror? I told you before you’re a strong woman and don’t let your mind or doubts stop you from reaching your full potential”, says Drex. Drex grabs me by the waist as his hands maneuver all over my body, as if he’s searching a voluptuous globe looking for every piece of land, water and island undiscovered. Grabbing and holding me from behind he brushes my hair to the side and begins kissing my neck; whispering dirty secrets in my ear. “Fuck me slowly”, says Unice… “No… I’m dehydrated and haven’t had a proper taste of your sweet juices yet Unice”, says Drex. Drex squeezes between me and sits on the mounted chair on the wall. He gently pulls my panties down and lifts me up over his shoulders. I can feel his mouth giving me a lesson on French, his etiquette and fluency is advanced. So advanced that my kitty becomes moist. Stuttering I moan out and say “Are you getting enough fuel down there to rehydrate”, says Unice. In that moment I knew I was just a girl playing checkers and this big strong man is an expert at chess. He takes me to places I’ve never thought existed. Placing his tounge on a bullseye alerting me as if he just pressed the big red button triggering world war 3. I can’t handle this sensation without clenching my arms around his neck. Running away like a helpless bunny, I begin trying to push away. Drex grabs my panties and ties my hands behind my back as if I’m a criminal that he’s going to arrest. The rapid and increased friction his tounge plays with me has caused an eruption like a broken dam. I can’t help but to release a loud moan of satisfaction. He places me in his shoulders and I feel so safe and protected. For a moment he holds me ever so gently. Then he gets up and says “clean yourself up sweetie, that was just an appetizer and we need to get ready for the main course”… Dam this man knows exactly what I yearn for! Drex walks out of the dressing room and I can’t help but to smile like a little school girl who just got asked out to prom. The older lady finally comes back with my dress. As I put it on and glance at the mirror, I feel strong. I’m no longer that little girl that takes orders from a nagging mom. I’m a woman who has her own story to write and it’s time for me to enjoy the finer things in life!

Once we leave the store, we arrive at one of the fanciest restaurants I’ve ever laid my eyes upon. I order up a ton of food and Drex just smiles and laughs. “What’s so funny Drex”, says Unice. “Well you see, it seems like you have a bigger appetite than I had earlier”, says Drex. We both snicker and laugh everything off. I’ve never felt this happy and had this much fun in my life before. Before the night ends, Drex decides to buy an extremely expensive bottle of wine as he walks away to the bathroom. A woman passes by and says “Who did you sleep with to gain all of this Unice”? I look up in anger and embarrassment as I see that it’s my mom! “What are you doing here mom”, says Unice. “This is what hard work gets you, the finer things in life”, says Unices’ mom. Drex arrives from the bathroom and my mom laughs and says, “Since you’ve left my house you really know how to get your bills paid”. “Actually this is my boss and I work for this young, intelligent and powerful lady”, says Drex. Unice looks in awe and disbelief as her mom walks away in anger and embarrassment. “Drex, you’re truly something else”, says Unice. “No, I’m just a man that knows what he wants and needs an even stronger woman to help me”, says Unice. They both make a toast for the future and indulge on wine and dessert…. or is it truly “Dessert” yet!

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