Trigger Me: Volume 6

Drex and Unice get into one of his old collection cars and head downtown to meet up with a high profile colleague to get his life back before he was in Nectar. “This car is amazing Drex, come on now an old vintage Monte Carlo”, says Unice. Drex begins to tell Unice that she could have many cars like the one he has if she works with him and plays nice. She has to gain his trust and their partnership could potentially blossom. Unice can’t help but to think about Adam, she’s lost in a dark place mentally. Yearning for the love of Adam and the hope that she will get him back but she also wants more in life. She wants to gain power, respect and money. So she can prove to her mother that she isn’t just a fuck up, a whore or someone that can’t become successful. Unice glances over at Drex and tells him that he can trust her. “Can you please open the glove compartment and pull that folder out for me Unice”, says Drex. Unice does as Drex asked and opens it up. There’s a small bag with a white powder substance in it. Drex dips his pinky into the bag. “Sweet bliss I tell ya Unice, go ahead and take a bump”, says Drex. Unice looks in disbelief but proceeds to indulge too. They finally arrive at their meet. “Unice, I just want to have preliminary talks with this guy right now. I will introduce you to him and hopefully everything will go smoothe”, says Drex. Unice and Drex enter the building and take the elevator to the top floor. “Drex you bastard, long time no see. Whose the pretty girl you have here and where’s Niya”, says the mysterious man. “Mr. Arnold Glover, this here is Unice. She will be taking over my business affairs eventually”, says Drex. “Well what makes you think that I want to work with you again Drex, you come in here with this new body but same attitude and arrogance”, says Arnold. “Listen I don’t want to interrupt you sir but we’re here to get business back in order”, says Unice… “Shut up little twat! Drex you still have yet to tell me where’s Niya”, says Arnold? “First and foremost, don’t ever speak to a young woman like that again in my presence. This woman has a strong head on her and I have faith she can carry this town on her backbone and foundations. Niya has betrayed me and will be dealt with in due time, so she’s out of the equation. I came here to play nice but that seems like it will be impossible to do at this point. Do you remember who I am, let’s put it this way. Continue to push your way to the top as a government official. I will continue to get my fifty fifty cut and play my role as a silent partner. Continue dealing coke for me, I want manufacturing to start immediately. All households will have a nectar video game console in their homes soon. We will control them all, a form of simulation”, says Drex. Suddenly Arnold switches to a trans-like state and agrees to all of Drex’s commands. We walk out of the door just like that and head to the elevator.

I never believed someone would stand up for me like that. The only person to come close was Adam. Why does this man believe in me? What does he mean we will control everyone? So many questions are on my mind. In that moment my sexual cravings become animal like. I glance over at Drex staring at me with a smirk on his face. I can’t help but to become aroused. I feel dirty, I want him to take control of me like a bitch in heat. I want to feel his hands all over me, running his fingers through my hair, kissing my neck and choking me. Grabbing my ass and bending me over as he rips my panties off! Me grabbing ahold of the bars on the elevator as he stuffs my panties into my mouth so no one can hear my moans into ecstasy. Slipping his rock hard cock between my lips as he penetrates me. I want to feel his girth while his veins throb onto my inner walls stretching me out like a rubber band. I want to feel his fingers graze over my labia as he works his way to my clit. Yes… I want to feel free, I want to feel his rough love tame my body and just before I climax, pull my hair and smack my ass as he pushes himself as deep as he can go filling my guts up with his steamy hot tool…”Unice are you okay?”, says Drex. Softly speaking, I can hardly mutter out a mere (yes) as the elevator door opens. As we walk out of the elevator and head over to the exit I can see one of the nectar games being tested and I can’t help but to notice a extremely low voice scream out, “Unice, Unice are you still there”? In that split moment I make a decision, not for anyone else but for me. The door shuts and Drex and I are on our way to a bright future…

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  1. You’re a very talented short-story writer… your work is compelling, with great plot that fill all the deeply meaningful thought processes of your characters- they all fit neatly and precisely into your stories!

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    1. neseknows says:

      Thank you lance, coming from you it’s an honor. I’m always fascinated by your work!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. You’re sincerely welcome… always a pleasure.

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  2. Leyla says:

    Very interesting writing!

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  3. Vanya Rajwar says:

    Hey there.
    Ooh there some erotica!!
    I nominated you for the “Blogger Recognition Award” . Do check it out whenever you get time.
    Thankyou. 🌸

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