Code Gemini: Part 5

As the giant ship begins to be pulled by the gravitational pull of this massive black hole, each one of us hold hands in unison. Eve is tearing up and Benjamin begins to console her. The two lieutenants begin sobbing like babies, which is a sight we all have never seen from them before. As I stare into the deep abyss a light bulb enters my brain! “Guys, I’m not sure if this will work but we need to get back into those recovery pods”, says Oscar. Everyone looks in confusion and with a slight bit of hesitation they all agree. Scientist are pacing back and forth while chaos consumes everyone! “Oscar I’m not sure what will happen right now but I need to tell you something”, says Eve. We both stare at one another as she enters her healing pod and she begins to confess to me about working with the mad man Gabriel. I look in disbelief as she tells me that she has a change of heart and doesn’t believe in his vision or his goals. She wants to live a better life and realized that with this near death moment maybe she wasn’t making the right choices. Living in the spaceship has brought her closer to Benjamin and myself and she has come to admire each one of our stories. “Oscar, what I’m trying to say is that I think I’m falling in lo”…. Before Eve can finish what she’s saying the gravitational pull gets stronger and things begin to feel abnormal. Time seems to be slowing down and theres immense pressure on my body. My vision becomes a bit blurred and it feels as if I’m drunk or have taken psychedelics. What happens next is horrific! The ship begins to fade into the black hole slowly as if you have a video on slow motion. I can feel my bones cracking because of the immense pressure on them. People are screaming in agony, while a couple of scientist are dying in front of me. Blood spewing from their eyes, ears and nose. Also the shivering cold snap of bones are heard in each direction. I can hardly move to reach my recovery pod and suddenly I begin to black out… Sytem error. System error. System error. System error. Oxygen levels low. System error. System error..

As I open my eyes the room is filled with darkness on the spaceship. I look at my surroundings and there’s many people laying dead on the floor. Lifting myself up from the ground, I can see that this CodeGenesis body that is my vessel is heavily damaged. What’s even worse is that I can feel pain. I look down and see that I’ve been walking on a broken leg. My shirt is torn and my ribs look broken. I stand in disbelief because we were told we wouldn’t feel any pain. As I look out of the window of the spaceship, the visuals are extremely disturbing from afar. Everything looks pretty much pitch black with small pockets of gloomy colors. From even further a glimmer or light can be seen as we approach it. Yet, I know we’re approaching it but it feels like an extremely sloth-like pace. While I have the chance to move this body, I think it’s best if I can get to my pod. Everyone else looks safe and tightly kept in their pods. While walking down a hallway I pass the training area where we would adjust gravity. On one of the screens it says we’re 100k times Earth’s gravatational pull, which is quite insane to me. I scoffed at the notion as I continue down the hall. Finally reaching the healing pod, my body falls right in as the door shuts and my eyes close. This is the most excruciating pain I’ve ever felt…

System error. System error. System error. System error. Preparing genetic analysis… genetic analysis complete. Match!!! System error. System error. System error. Genetic modification complete. System error. System error. System error. Genetic evolution complete!!! “Holy shit, this can’t be happening right now” says a man. Oscar opens his eyes once again and sees a man standing next to his pod. “Who the hell are you”, says Oscar? “Thought you’d never ask terminator, my names Christopher Corpus Colombo”, says the man. Oscar laughs and says that’s a mouthful for a name. I ask the guy who he is and why is he calling me terminator. He tells me he’s a scientist that’s been helping out and that he has just discovered an evolution in the human race. The formula they’ve been using to heal our Codegenesis bodies has found a way to sync with my DNA structure and that I basically don’t need the pods anymore to heal. “So I’m some sort of super human now”, says Oscar? “Precisely that”, says Christopher Corpus Colombo. He has been running test with the DNA from the others that have survived but it seems as if they can’t do the same as me. “Well you see Oscar you’ve been sleep for quite some time. It has been about 50 years”, says Christopher Corpus Colombo. “50 years!!! Are you fucking kidding me??? There’s no way it’s been 50 years, that means we’ve failed the mission and why aren’t you old Christopher” says Oscar? “The name is Christopher Corpus Colombo and don’t you forget it young man… well old man. Well shucks, you aren’t old nor are you young. Oscar let me explain this the best way I can. We’re trapped inside of a black hole. I’ve calculated the time we’ve spent in here by simple tallies of every hour I count and have camr up with about 50 years time. This black hole here is very tricky, time isn’t the same inside of it which means time isn’t the same outside of it. For all we know, we could’ve been in here for only 5 seconds and not 50 years. Did I mention how good it is to be speaking to you? Oh! Right! By the way Commander Bravo is going to have a field day if we get them back up. I stole one of his CodeGenesis bodies so that I can stay alive to help”, says Christopher. This is a lot for me to take in but Christopher’s helps me understand everything. We both agree that he should continue to find a way out of the black hole and I will focus on training to acclimate my body to the gravity. It will help me move around faster and also I may need to make repairs of the spaceship…

10 more years have passed and it feels like we’re still at square one. Christopher hasn’t found a way out of this black hole, I’ve repaired everything that I can repair on the ship. The good thing is that I can practically run around in this 100k times gravity with ease. My body heals almost instantaneously too. That’s when the breakthrough happens! The spaceship begins to move rapidly closer to the light I explained about before! Just like that we’re strangely out of the black hole unscathed. Yet something very strange is on the Horizon… Earth!!!!

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