Trigger Me: Volume 4

“Adam tell me more about these blueprints all over

your wall”, says Unice. Adam begins to explain to

Unice that it’s just a side hobby he enjoys doing. Adam

enjoys architecture and drawing up blueprints for

buildings of all sorts. “My dream is to one day build my

own skyscraper in the city downtown”. Unice tells

Adam that with hardwork his dreams can always come

true. Adam asks Unice what her dreams are one day,

she exclaims that she’s a freebird and just wants to be

in love with the right man. “Don’t be afraid to tell me

the truth Unice”! “Alright Adam, I won’t lie to you but

you have to promise me something”? “What will that

promise be Unice”. “Promise me that no matter what

happens between us, you won’t stop at anything to

reach your goals”. “Okay… okay Unice that’s a promise I

can keep, you make it seem like you’re going to die

suddenly”. “Adam, I want to be the most powerful

woman in the world”! Adam smiles and hugs Unice

from behind as they both sit on the couch together. He

tells Unice “when” she becomes the most powerful

woman in the world, if she could help him build his

skyscraper. Unice laughs and tells Adam that she will

graciously accept the deal for letting her stay with him.

Adam tells Unice that she can stay with him forever if

she wants to. Unice turns her head around and begins

to kiss Adam aggressively. They both fall off the couch

and begin to laugh! Adam walks over to the kitchen

and grabs a glass of water. “First we need to get a

bigger place, says Adam”. Unice walks over and grabs

the glass of water from Adam as she takes a sip. Unice

places the cup of water on the counter and begins to

kiss Adam. As they both kiss, Unice begins to unbuckle

Adam’s pants. As she pulls Adam’s pants down she gets

to her knees. Adam stops her… “Unice… I want to enjoy

every second we have together, we’re in no rush let’s

enjoy one another’s company while we have it”. Unice

pauses for a minute and begins to smile. ” I really want

your cock but I can wait”. They both head to the

bedroom and shower together. Once they’re out of the

shower they make their way to the bedroom and fall

asleep as Adam holds Unice in her arms.

Suddenly Adam’s phone rings in the middle of the

night… he walks into the living room and answers it.

Niya begins asking Adam has he found a woman to

bring with him to enter the game? Adam tells Niya that

he will no longer help her. He will accept that his

parents have died a long time ago and will move on

with his life. He doesn’t believe any word she says and

no game could bring his family back to life. “Adam this

isn’t a game, if you want to bring your family back you

can. If you truly want to be a winner and help Unice

become the most powerful woman in the world, this is

your chance”. “WAIT…! HOW DO YOU KNOW ABOUT

UNICE”? Niya exclaims that she knows more than he

will ever know. Niya gives Adam an ultimatum; either

he takes action now or he lives a life of loneliness

forever. Adam hangs up, right as Unice walks into the

living room. “Who were you on the phone with

Adam”? Adam asks Unice if she knows a woman by the

name of Niya? Unice looks in disbelief…”Of course I

know that crazy witch lady, she’s my boss”. Adam sits

on the couch in confusion of what is transpiring. Unice

asks Adam how does he know her and Adam tells

Unice the entire story. “Adam I trusted you, I gave up

everything for you and now you’re telling me I’m just a

pawn in your stupid game?!” “No Unice, I was going to

let go of the hope to see my parents again, I’ve found

that void hole in my heart and filled it with something

I know I can truly love…you”. Unice looks into Adam’s

eyes and kisses him passionately. She tells him she

heard everything in the other room and will do

anything in her power to help him. They both decide

it’s best if they pay Niya a visit tomorrow…

The next day Adam and Unice drive over to Niya’s

mansion. They ring the doorbell and Niya answers.

She walks them inside and has both of them sit in the

living room. “Adam does Unice know what’s going on,

says Niya”. Adam nods his head as Unice tells Niya,

“just tell us what we need to do”. Niya exclaims that it

isn’t that simple. Niya tells Adam that Unice will need

to submit to him. Adam looks confused and asks her

what is she talking about. Niya tells them both to

follow her to her room. All three of them walk to her

bedroom. Adam and Unice both are drawn to the video

game “nectar” as it’s already on. Niya stands near the

bedroom door and begins to remove her gown. “Adam,

you will fuck Unice on my bed, take control of her, like

never before! Adam looks over at Unice as she nods

her head in acceptance. Adam begins to undress Unice

near the foot of the bed. He rips off Unice’s panties and

ties her hands behind her back with them. Adam

pushes her onto the the bed and spreads her legs open.

Unice is moist and begins to whimper. Adam begins

choking her gently as her legs start shaking. He looks

her in the eyes as he begins to finger her. Before she

cums Adam starts choking her again gently as he turns

her over. He spanks her until her ass turns pink, “Who

am I Unice, says Adam”? Unice begins to whimper as

she’s in the doggystyle position with her hands tied to

her back, “You’re my master Adam”, screams Unice!

Niya begins to moan abruptly as she lays in her

recliner touching herself. Adam penetrates Unice with

his hard bulging cock as Unice moans deeply in

pleasure. Adam starts fucking Unice slow and steadily

stroking himself inside her with deep intent. The

deeper he goes the louder she moans. Adam slips one

finger in her ass as Unice begins weeping in

acceptance allowing Adam to do as he wishes with her.

Unice begins to climax as Niya shouts out,”Enough!

That’s enough Adam”! Adam pulls himself out of Unice

and throws her shivering body onto the bed, he walks

over to Niya, “Get on your knees right now and finish

me off, says Adam? Niya looks in shock as her body

submits to his command. She yells at Unice to turn the

game “nectar” off but Unice is loss in a trance of sexual

satisfaction. Niya drops to her knees and begins

sucking Adam’s cock! Adam moans in acceptance as

Niya can feel his cocks veins begin to throb as he gets

harder. Niya knows Adam is about to climax, her

tattoo on her stomach begins to glow. Adam’s eyes roll

to the back of his head as a sudden silence enters the

room. Niya pulls his cock out of her mouth while his

ejaculent flows out of her mouth, down her breast

onto her ritual like tattoo. The game glows a florescent

red as Adam stands in the aftermath. “The ritual has

been done, says Adam”. “Yes my young King, welcome

back says Niya”. Unice looks over to what has

transpired in terror. She knows something isn’t right

with Adam but keeps her mouth shut. Adam walks into

the bathroom as he tells the women to clean

themselves up, there’s work to be done. “What have

you done Niya, says Unice”? Niya looks over at Unice

in fear and tells her “Adam refused to take command

and his love for you overshadowed his primal urges,

I’m afraid that this evil entity has taken over Adam’s

body… I have failed”. Unice tells Niya that they must

get Adam back but Niya exclaims that she’s afraid it

may be too late.

Now the game truly begins!!!

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