Trigger Me: Volume 3

“Adam… I don’t think it’s a good idea that we talk”, says

Unice. He asks why in confusion as the conversation

on the phone becomes tense. She tells Adam about his

mishap at the arcade the other day and how he stepped

over a boundary set up for years. Adam apologizes

over the phone and claims it was an accident. He

wouldn’t want to disrespect her on purpose and wants

another chance. As Unice begins to blush, thoughts run

through her mind… From the moment she saw Adam,

to him nearly dry humping her at the arcade and all the

way to her using her vibrator thinking about him.

Unice accepts his apology and turns the conversation

back to why he needs her help. Adam tells her it’s a

long story and wants to get to know her before going

straight into it. Unice tells Adam he can come over,

only if he’s willing to behave himself. Adam accepts the

offer and heads over to her home.

My mother won’t be home for a couple of hours so

Adam and I will have time to talk for a bit. Unice

decides to close down her computer for the night and

prepare her bedroom for Adam’s arrival. Then she

hears a loud thud on the window! “Are you crazy, why

can’t you knock or ring the dam doorbell”, says Unice.

Adam laughs and tells her he wasn’t sure if her mother

was home or not. She agrees with him, she knows her

mother would kill her if she had a guy over the house.

Unice hasn’t had much of a father figure in her life and

her mother plays both roles. Adam begins telling Unice

stories about his childhood and past and how his

parents were thought to be dead. Unice tells Adam

much about her mother being strict, how she wants to

move out on her own and how her father isn’t in her

life. Adam jokes about wanting a roommate as Unice

begins to laugh and blush. “Why are you blushing if

I’m such a jerk”, says Adam. Unice tells Adam that he

rubbed her the wrong way but can understand that

what happened at the arcade was a mere accident. She

believes the real Adam is a gentleman and will get to

know him. “I hope we have time to know one another

before you start asking me for my help, says Unice.

Adam begins to tear up and shakes his head in

agreement. “Unice, may I use your restroom”, says

Adam. Unice let’s him know which door it is by

pointing over at it. Adam walks away awkwardly in

embarrassment of showing emotion. While he’s in the

restroom he understands he’s there to tell Unice about

some crazy virtual game and how it can potentially

bring his parents back. He thinks about how insane it

sounds and is hesistent on asking. Adam washes off his

face and searches for a towel. He opens up a drawer

and sees Unice’s vibrator. He slams the drawer shut

and walk out of the bathroom in anger. “Unice, you

know maybe I don’t need your help after all. I mean

you gave me a hard time over accidentally having a

hard on and what do I find in your bathroom? A

vibrator and it doesn’t seem like it was used not too

long ago, says Adam. Unice stands next to her bed in

disbelief and embarrassment. “Wow you’re an asshole

Adam, I can’t believe you just said that”, says Unice.

She starts pacing back and forth cleaning the rest of

her room up and asking him why he would go through

her things in the restroom anyways. Adam pulls her by

the waist and says sorry and to take it easy. Unice looks

into his eyes and closes hers as they begin to kiss…

“Adam, you wouldn’t understand. Every day I have to

be perfect for my mom. I have to work hard and get

out of her house and become successful! I can’t be

thinking about guys, I need to think about my future

success, says Unice. “Unice, I think we both know

exactly what you were thinking about when you used

that vibrator and I believe you need to let go of trying

to please your mom and do what pleases you, says

Adam. “Well Adam you may be right about that”, says

Unice as she begins to drop to her knees. Unice

unbuckles Adam’s pants and pulls his boxers down.

As she asks “is this what you think I really want”?

Unice begins sucking Adam’s penis as if it’s a popsicle

on a hot summer day. Grabbing him from behind to

push his cock deeper into her throat. They both make

their way towards her bed as Adam throws her onto it.

Adam pulls off her panties and begin kissing her inner

thighs as she runs her hands through his hair. Adam

grabs her breast with both hands as he eats her out like

a succulent passion fruit. Unice begins to moan Adams

name as he licks her clit to near climax. Suddenly her

bedroom door slams open. Unice’s mom stands in

disbelief! She tells Adam that she thinks he needs to

leave immediately! Unice yells at her mother to leave

the room as her mom is grabbing her belongings and

throwing them down the stairs. “NO WHORE WILL BE

STAYING IN MY HOME”, says Unice’s mom. Adam

stands up for Unice and yells back, “she’s not a whore,

she’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on”!

Unice grabs Adam by the arm as they both run

downstairs out of the house. Unice begins to cry as

tears run down her face. Adam apologizes for coming

over and Unice tells him not to. She tells Adam that

he’s probably the best thing that has happened to her

so far and that she feels free. Unice tells Adam that she

doesn’t have a place to go as Adam comes up with the

idea to allow her to stay at his place. He claims it isn’t

much but enough to get by. Unice accepts and let’s him

know itll be temporary until things cool down with her

mom or she gets her own place. She jokes about having

the best car out of the two of them so they won’t have

trouble getting around to work. As Adam and Unice

walk a block towards his apartment, Adam opens the

door. Unice looks in disbelief… comics are all over the

floor, there’s an old pizza box sitting out on the kitchen

table, real estate magazines on the counter and

something rare on the walls that Adam never told her

about yet…. blueprints of skyscraperbuildings… Adam

stands next to the door in embarrassment as Unice

glances over his way she says, “close the door, I think

you’re more than just a meat head after all”.

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