Trigger Me: Volume 2

Unice… wake up Unice you’re going to be late for work!

I frantically wake up and rush toward my bathroom

to get ready for work. My mother is always on me

making sure that I’m the perfectionist she wants me to

be. She yelled for me to wake up and little does she

know I can get ready in maybe thirty minutes, yet she

thinks it’s okay to wake me up two hours ahead of

schedule. I guess I could potentially get ready and head

over to the arcade for a couple of rounds of pac-man. I

swear it’s the hardest game in the world. At least the

leader is a woman and we all know we rule the world!

As I walk outside towards my car I can see a handsome

young man from afar fooling around with his car.

Looks as if he doesn’t have gas, what a moron. Tall,

handsome and physically built yet he doesn’t seem to

have a brain. Gosh let me go check on the poor kid to

see if he’s okay. As I walk towards him giggling he

turns around and rudely curses at me! I can’t believe


wasted my time helping this asshole… Wait is that an

apology I hear. Gosh it makes me weak in the knees to

hear a man accept and apologize at his own mistakes. I

think I’ll give this guy a shot! He wants me to take him

to the arcade for some stupid tournament but I can’t

help to oblige. As we’re driving there I can’t help but to

fall in love with his scent. He smells as if he’s been

inside a washer filled with fabric softener.

We’ve arrived atthe arcade and as I place my car in

park my hand slips

and touches his sweaty palm. Nervously I let him know

not to be too worried and give the tournament his best

shot! We both head inside and he’s doing a great job at

knocking out the competition and it’s come down to

the last round. He seems to lack confidence as the race

begins. I can’t help but to walk away afraid of the

outcome, I doubt he’ll even remember my name. It’s

time to head over to pac-man and see if I can get past

level three. Repeatedly over and over I lose in

frustration. Adam walks over to help assist me and

tries to show me his own style of play. Oh no… did he

just do what I think he did!?

Adam places himself behind me as he helps me with

the game, but I can feel a sudden bulging object

grazing against my butt. Hesistent and nervously I

move away in embarrassment for him. I let him know

that I need to leave as I turn away and fast pace walk

towards the exit. As I get into the car, starting up the

ignition; I slam my hands against the steering wheel. I

can’t believe he rubbed his dick against my ass! What

was he thinking, what a pervert! I bet he thought he

could get into my pants so easily. Littles does he know

I’m still a virgin and I’m waiting until marriage! I can’t

believe I’m going to be late for work again. My boss is

going to fire me. Background check here we come, you

see my mother set me up a couple of years ago with

this older woman. I go in to her home every week and

clean the entire house. The worst part about it is that

it’s a mansion… She has a gathering of maybe thirty to

forty people when I’m finished right on time every

week. She will probably find someone else to clean her

home if I keep being late. After cleaning her home I

head back to my prison(home) to finally get some rest

from a long hard day. My mom is at the front door

nagging at me about being late and like usual I ignore

her and say sorry. I head up towards the bathroom to

take a bath. As I rest and soak my body in the tub I

can’t help but to think about Adam. I still can’t believe

what he did today. My legs begin to slowly sway side to

side as I sit in the tub.

I close my eyes and reach over and open one of the

cabinets pulling out my vibrator. Softly biting my lips I

think about his body against mine today. Holding me

tighter and firmly pushing his penis against my ass. I

can’t help but to imagine if it’s big. I bet it is and I wish

he could be mine. As I caress my breast and slowly

push the vibrator against my clit I moan out his


Adam. A loud bang hits the bathroom door! “Unice

hurry up in there, we need to build your resume so

you can get the hell out of the house!” Shocked and

petrified I throw my vibrator back into the

cabinet(secret compartment) and wash off with a

shower. My mother decides to go to the store instead of

helping with my resume. As I’m on the computer doing

what I’m told I hear the phone ring. As I walk over to

answer I can hear Adam’s voice… “Unice… I need


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