Trigger Me: Volume 1

Have you ever sat and wondered what your future

would be like five years, ten years or even twenty

years down the road? I have many times and always

dreamed that I would become successful and rich. Yet

my background doesn’t tell the same story. My name is

Adam and I’m just a normal guy in his twenties with

an obsession with video games.

When I mean obsession, I mean all types! Computer

games, console games and even old arcade games.

People say my biggest flaw Is that I don’t know how to

lose. Once I got so mad about losing at a game, that I

ended up putting my best friend in the hospital and

losing my only girlfriend at the same time. She told me

she was leaving me because I had a big ego but I truly

believe she was actually sleeping with my best friend

at the time. That’s why I can never trust women


I never had someone to teach me how to be a man

or how to even talk to women. You see when I was

little, I would say about four years old my parents died

in a freak car accident. I was sent to multiple halfway

houses until my best friend’s mom let me start staying

with them at thirteen. I ended up moving out at the age

of sixteen and getting my own place. I dropped out of

high school, but I’m not your typical drop out. I

surround myself with reading and learning more

about politics and financial endeavors. Yet I struggle to

keep a lame job as a delivery boy for a local furniture

company. I must say the perks of moving heavy ass

furniture gives me a very nice body. My only sense of

relief and happiness is spending my spare time playing

video games. Whether it’s at home playing a couple

consoles; shooting games on the computer, or

spending my late nights at the arcade playing pac-man.

Now that I think of it, I’m super late! There’s a racing

tournament going down at the local arcade and ten

people have pitched in money to see who wins first

place. The prize is one thousand dollars and I cant

afford to miss out on that. The reason being is that

there’s a new Virtual Reality game coming out called

“Nectar” that

physically puts yourself into the game and I want to

buy it with some money I have saved up. Not many

people know of this game because it’s sold on the black

market. Society has banned it because the FDA and

government hasn’t approved it for human use. The

game has been known to kill people and drive others

insane. Yet foolishly I thirst for the chance to try it out!

Enough talk, it’s time I get in my beat up car and drive

over to the arcade. As I open the car door and get in, I

start the engine up and what do I see?…. The gas tank

is on empty!

Fuck! How will I get there in time, I only have ten

minutes and walking isn’t an option. I slam my car

door in frustration as I hear a quiet snicker behind me.

As I turn around and rudely say “The fuck are you

laughing at?” A young woman with pale skin and long

blonde hair quietly stands In front of me in disbelief.

Shocked and apologetic I walk closer to her and begin

to apologize for my nasty choice of words. I cant help

but to stare at her. She has a huge ass and she’s

wearing really tight Jeans and a pink top. I ask her

what her name is and she quietly says Unice. After a

couple seconds of chatter I look in her hands and see

that she has car keys. Before I could think I tell her if

she could take me to the arcade which isn’t too far

away. Without a thought in her mind she accepts so

submissively. She actually says that she was on her

way to the arcade herself. She spends her leisure time

learning about video games and isn’t too much into

anything else. I tell her we can play a couple of games

after the tournament is over. Once I get there I’m just

in time for the first match. I breeze through the

competition with ease, the last match is up and I’ve

never been able to beat this guy. He’s super loud and

cocky when it comes to all the games at the arcade. I

can beat him in everything but this stupid damn racing

game! His name is Arnold and we went to the same

high school before I dropped out. “Hey dumb ass, are

you ready to lose?”, says Arnold. People are watching

and I look up in frustration with my face turning red.

The match begins and we are on the go! Both of us are

neck in neck with one another and it comes down to

the last stretch. Arnold looks over at me for a split

second as sweat is beating off of me. He slips his hand

off of the gear shifter and bumps into my steering

wheel and ends up winning the damn race! “Did you

guys see that”!?! I yell at the judges and everyone

claims not to see a thing. A woman in a black dress

walks up to hand over the prize money to Arnold and

glances my way awkwardly. She has green eyes and as

she walks away, a small smirk is on her face. After the

match is over I walk over and I see Unice playing

pac-man. She’s not doing well, so I walk over and try to

help. As she’s playing the faster level she begins to lose.

I position myself behind her, “Here’s a trick, you have

to be very elusive and slick with the joystick”, says

Adam. As I’m hovering behind her I can feel my bulge

in my pants getting bigger… She notices and says she

has to go home and walks off. I can’t help to wonder if

I overstepped my boundary with her or would she see

it as just an accident. I decide it’s time to go home and

prepare for the next work day.

The next day I head into work and my boss tells me


on a personal delivery. It’s a heavy ass recliner and the

person has requested for only one man to do the job.

I’m given an address and only an hour to complete it.

As I drive over to the customers home, I can’t help but

to stare in awe. It’s a gated mansion with statues of a

Tiger and Lion at the front gates. I proceed forward

into the main entrance, ring the door bell and a

woman in her mid forties answers. She’s well built for

someone her age and her skin is flawless. Her waist is

shaped like an hourglass and she’s wearing a black

gown. I can’t help but to think that I’ve seen her before.

She invites me in and tells me the recliner will be

placed inside the master bedroom. As I enter the room

and set up her recliner I can’t help but to notice that

she has the console I’ve been dying to purchase! “I can

see you staring at my console “Nectar” Adam”, says

Niya. As I place the final touches on the recliner I

slowly begin to turn around and face the woman

saying, “Aren’t you the woman at the arcade handing

the prize money over”? Niya is standing next to the

foot of her bed, slowly unveiling her gown. Her breast

are perky and the hourglass frame is true to it’s ever

last inch of skin. Her abdomen has strange markings, a

tattoo of sorts shaped like a circular satanic calendar.

“Come fuck me and you can have your true prize

master”, says Niya. Adam is in shock of what’s

happening but without hesitation he walks over and

picks Niya up pinning her against the wall. She pulls

his shirt off as she caresses his hard abs, Adam

unbuckles his pants as they both begin to breathe

heavily. Adam grabs Niya’s breast with one hand and

sucks on it like a succulent ripe plum. As Niya grabs his

penis to penetrate her. Adam pulls back as he teases

her and only let’s her rub her clit with his head. He

tosses her into the bed, digging his head into her thighs

as he taste’s her juices. Niya clinches the sheets begging

him to penetrate her. Adam proceeds as they have

passionate intercourse…

Afterwards Niya turns on the gaming console. Adam

grabs the headgear and puts it on. He’s thrown into a

demonic realm with walls covered in blood. From afar

there’s a door with a key in it. Adam walks toward the

door and opens it. There stands a dark entity with his

parents being held inside a cage. Before Adam can

think or say a word the entity speaks… “Boy, if you

want your parents back you must put together a team

that could truly challenge me. Through time you will

figure out your power is triggered by female

pheromones”. The game turns off as Adam takes off

the headgear. “Everything he said is true my young

King”, says Niya. As her tattoo grows hands like a

grandfather clock inside the demonic calendar. She

explains that her widow husband is trapped inside the

game and has her bonded by a spell she can’t break.

She needs Adams help and asks him if he has anyone

in mind to help form their team? With tears in his

eyes, of the thought of reuniting with his parent’s he

says one name…”Unice”.

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