People paint a peculiar picture of vanity.

Unrelenting ideas of what’s the perfect pretentions.

Reflecting on what will be socially accepted.

Experiencing self doubt on their own image.


Wake up to a splash of water to your face,

Look in the mirror and smile at what reflects back.

Never turn and look away in shame, all those imperfections are what make you perfectly great.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder,


Two eyes intervene and create the perfect interaction,

Like a Chemical reaction.

Untamed ambitions,

Moments made into euphoric interventions,

Taken on an unimaginable adventure.

One where time doesn’t exist.

Intimate moments, not made for loose lips.

Feed me thoughts,

Feed me intellect.

Show me a road, where our path never ends.

Pure Love… A Story That Begins But Never Ends….