Crafting my cadence to reflect on this waitlist.

Waiting, waiting, waiting…

Elevator music is playing.

As we rise to the top floor,

There you are similar to my preferred pedestal.

Plans in motion, without a specific motive.

How did we get here?

How did we intervene?

How could what feels meant to be, feel so unclean?

Pure perfection, intimate thoughts, loss in a field,

One where a blaire witch has projected our path’s to intervene.

A life is bold, set on a big screen.

Emotions saturated like granulated sugar.

Sweet, tasteful and filled with bliss.

These subtle interactions filled with eternal bliss.

Every moment, wanting it to last an eternity.

Playing with a deck of cards.

Being the joker and you the Queen.

To ever imagine I have what it takes to be the King…

Sleepless nights, as if you’re gazing upon the moon and stars.
So close yet so too far to touch.
Seems like that’s what the true definition is, of everlastimg love…