Bring Forth The Dark Ages

Ever wonder where the people on magazines, newspapers, and milk cartoons are? The papers claim that they’re missing, and no one really hears what happens to them. Could they be lost in the red light district, or enslaved to terrible human beings. I sit here and ponder on this thought as I walk into the local supplies & goods store in town. I live in a small town, maybe 1000 people occupy it. We know each other by name, and our doors always stay unlocked. There hasn’t been a house robbery in five years, and the last one was a stranger from out of town, which was shot and killed. We all carry guns in our homes from the outside world; we have a church in city hall where the majority of the towns members worship. We don’t bother the ones that don’t, for we respect one another’s beliefs. Lately I ask myself the question of where lost children, women, and men go. The town has been obsessing with it because lately we’ve been seeing twice as many papers, magazines, and cartoons filled with lost people. The world is big, but how can that many people vanish with no possible clue to where, or what has happened to them? The simple fact is Jasbella is gone, and we don’t know where she is; she is my hope, my sunshine, my strength, she is my girlfriend and has been missing for 7 days…
Jasbella is a beautiful black hair, blue eyed, 5’9” crazy firecracker. She is one of the three popular cheerleaders at our high school, and that’s why everyone is so crazed over the rise of disappearances. Let me take you back a bit, about 8 years ago when I was seven years old. That was the last time my mother told me she would be right back. She was supposed to be going to the store for some milk to go with my morning cereal, but she never came back. That was eight years ago. I have done the research and this isn’t normal. Before my mother became a missing person, the sheriff of our town for twenty two years went missing two months before. No one cared about him because he was old, strict, and very cranky at times. He gave a lot of the church goers hard times for disregarding rules and regulations when it came to parking at the church. There wasn’t much room to park, so many would park illegally on the grass, people were ticketed and fined. Another time someone went missing was about a year ago; it was a little boy around the age I lost my mother, his name was Roger, and he was well known because he created a way to help plants grow faster with an organic chemical, the boy was on the news for Christ sakes. The only thing weird about this is that each person that has gone missing in our town is either well liked or well known. It puzzles my mind to think what could have happened to them. Maybe they were murdered or kidnapped by some psychopath or obsessed stalker of theirs. What hurts the most is that each day I feel lonely and hurt. I have lost my mother, and now I have lost the only girl I ever loved. Some days I fear that I will become lost just like them, but the fact of the matter is no one would care. I’m just a simple guy, no high school accolades, or any service to get recognition from the town. My father is a drunk that abuses my older sister, and she pay no attention to me because she’s either on drugs, or out partying with her boyfriends, yes I said boyfriends. I think the abuse that my father has tormented her with throughout the years have made her think it’s acceptable to have more than one lovers. It’s close to graduation, and I have nothing to offer this world, besides the fact that I love the Earth and people laugh at me because I want save it by keeping others aware of recycling. This isn’t a diary but it’s a story of what happened to me after the day of my graduation, I was a nobody, but became one of the most powerful men of the world!
Today is graduation day, and something is different about my mood. Even though my mother won’t be here to see this big day, or my girlfriends; I woke up anxious and excited for no apparent reason. I can’t describe this feeling, because I expected to be depressed the entire day because of my losses, but I guess my mind isn’t letting me sorrow in a pool of pity, but it’s letting me rejoice in an abundant matter of jubilance and pride! Security has been high this last week in town because reports of at least 10 people missing each day in every state in America has been reported on the news. People are starting to panic, but this last couple of days no one has been reported as becoming missing. The extra security is just precaution because of this strange phenomena happening across our country. Well now I am seating at my seat for graduation, and I hear my name being called by our principle, “Maximus Connor Zane”; I AM THE Last Name To Be Called. Suddenly out of nowhere people begin to scream! Men, women, and children begin to walk out of the woods unclothed; only wearing bushes and twigs as garments to cover their genitals and private parts. I look up and see my mother and girlfriend in the crowd… Jasbella is alive, and she is no longer missing. I call out her name, but she looks down to the ground and walks away back into the woods, as a man from their group yells out to us, “The Stone Ages are Upon us Once More, Come Without a Fight or be Slaughtered Like Pigs”. Everyone looks with terror in their eyes, and some others laugh at the sight of the people unclothed like barbarians. Before anyone can do anything the man raises up a long wooden staff, as a young man who fits the description of the lost boy from before shoots a container into the air, it bursts with a liquid that begins to melt the skin of people, but causes the ground to grow faster with grass and trees. The man with the wooden staff jumps into the air like superman and dashes over towards me, he looks me in the eyes and says “Soon you Will be King”…
Let’s take this story back a couple of years. Back when my mother gave birth to me. I was a tiny infant, about 5pounds at the most. My mother always told me that I was a special kid because when I came out her womb, the doctors thought I was dead. I didn’t cry, nor did I move one inch. They said I laid there helplessly in their arms even when they spanked me. They actually gave me to my mother for one last hug; she cried but began to smile. She told the doctors for me being so tiny, how could they not hear my powerful heartbeat. The doctors took me from my mother and after examining me realized I was alive. They cleaned me up, and placed me in the holding room filled with other babies. That’s the day I met the love of my life, Jasbella. We laid next to one another, doctors were amazed by the way we stared at one another all the time at such an infantile state of mind. We’ve been connected like white on rice since the day we were born. During early childhood days, our parents lived on the same street. We played day and night, and went to school every day together. Her father ended up getting a new job, where he had to move during the middle of our middle school days. We were about twelve years old, and both were enraged because of our separation from each other. One day we found out that her father got laid off from his new job and was moving back to our town, and oddly enough the same house on our street. The great thing about it was that his old job was giving him a promotion, and ignored the fact that he left the company. He worked for a construction company, where he designed an ideal blueprint of city hall. After coming back, he’s been the head of the construction department for our town. At the time of Jasbella and her family moving back, neither one of us saw it coming. It had been a couple years that passed and I was in high school in my freshman year. There I stood six feet tall, pale skin, perfect white teeth, and a perfect hair cut that I never had to brush in the morning. I’ve always had the biggest smile, but as well as the coldest blank face. I walked the school yards like a lifeless zombie with no purpose. Slow in stature with my lengthy frame, and one day while I walked inside the main entrance of school, I heard a familiar voice yell out, Maximus! As I turned around and saw Jasbella once again, she was always known for her black hair, and beautiful blue eyes; but she was also the shortest girl in the room. She only stood about five feet tall, but her presence was always made throughout the room. She was something different, had the long black hair, baby blue eyes, and short stature. People could recognize her at any moment because she had the brightest smile in the room, her energy people fed off of; loud and very arrogant for her size, people loved her for it! At that moment when she shouted out my name, everyone turned their heads and were in disbelief. This beautiful, active girl was calling the name of a simple guy. This simple guy ran to her, as my frame went from zombie like, to the fastest man alive. If I’m not mistaken I could feel my heart beat so loud, that you could feel the vibrations through the ground! We embraced in the biggest hug ever, and began to reminisce. After that day I had my sweet Jasbella back, and life felt as if it was back on track. That’s why something right now in present day seems so strange to me, Jasbella was lost, this was my graduation, no our graduation day; I yell out her name and she walks into the woods as if I’m nothing to her. I ignore the man with the staff, and yell out once again…Jasbella!!!!!!! In that moment, a furious wind separated the trees, as if it’s making a path straight towards her. The man with the staff grabs me by the arm, and screams at me, “Don’t use your powers to hurt the Earth young King!” I look at him with anger and death in my eyes and say, “I am no King, all I want is my precious Jasbella!” Before I can unhand the man, I see a green light raise from the ground, and shoots up into the air! From far away I can see something glowing green, like a gem of sorts. It abruptly begins to dash towards me! Before I can dodge the gem, it flashes its green light once again, tearing my clothes away from my body, creating a brown cloth to cover my lower torso like shorts, and my back has been hoisted with a dark glossy black wooden bow, with white oak arrows held in a basket made of grass-like vines. I’m overwhelmed with pain because of the glow of the light from the gem, and what even worse is that the gem has branded itself deep within my chest. I fall to my knees as the man with the wooden staff says, “The gem has chosen its King”. I blink a couple of times, and past out…
As I open my eyes, I can see that I lay in a garden filled with beautiful flowers around me, the man with the wooden staff stand next to me, and tells me his name is Malakai, and that he will be my mentor, and servant. I turn to him in disbelief, as I raise myself up to my feet; I tell him I never wanted any of this. I don’t understand what he means by being King, and I’m losing it mentally. He tells me to calm down, or the gem will react. I ask him what is this gem molded into my chest, and why did it chose me. He begins to tell me about how the Earth needs to be reformed, and how humans are destroying it; polluting the air, and causing plants and animals to die. The Earth hasn’t fought back, because it hopes that we as humans will change our actions, and protect the planet that is providing it life. The gem is believed to come from a meteor long ago. He says that I’m the first and only human that has come into contact with it, because for some reason it burns through skin like a corrosive acid. Malakai claims he came across the gem one day when he was hiking through the forest. He claims that it had a glowing aura, which tells you long lost secrets. He explains how the gem protects the Earth, bringing Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanic eruptions, Hurricanes, and Tornadoes. “It wields the power to protect the Earth, slowly eradicating humans that destroy it, says Malakai”. “So it’s like Earths weapon, but why did it chose me, says Maximus”? A woman appears from the forest and says, “Because you have heart”. As the woman enters our sight, I look in great disbelief. The woman is my mother! She walks up to me, in a movement to embrace me with a hug, I push her away with anger and yell for her to leave my sight. Suddenly Malakai grabs his staff and slams it onto the ground, and yells for her to leave. As she walks away in despair and pain, he whispers to her that I’m not ready. “Where’s Jasbella Malakai, says Maximus”? Malakai tells me that Jasbella is with Roger, she has fallen upon his spell. Recently Roger was supposed to come for me and others, to show us this new life, and how he must help guide me the way, but when threw the liquid into the crowd, Malakai knew that he had no intention of doing what was told of him. Roger wants to be King, and he came up with a spell using the Gems powers to get humans into a trance. They follow his lead, and Jasbella and some of the missing people for decades have followed him deeper into the woods. Roger is a threat because he has people following him under his spell, and they can’t be brought out of this spell. He plans on attacking cities across the country, even the world in order to become the new ruler. “We will stop him, says Maximus”. “No, your job is to lead our new group of people, and anyone who follows to a better Earth, everyone else must be destroyed, says Malakai”. “No my job is to take down Roger, and bring Jasbella back to normal, says Maximus”. Malakai promises me that once I’ve gotten Jasbella back, that we must go on with the plan. I look him deep into his eyes, and I tell him that I’ll do anything once I get Jasbella back. Malakai grins willingly and nodes his head. He begins to tell me that I must follow the gems lead and I will be able to wield its powers. The only thing that I know I can do is kinetically move the Earths air around like strong winds from a hurricane. Suddenly I can feel a great pain running through my chest like ice cold water being splashed on me. My vision becomes green and the Gem is showing me a path towards Roger and Jasbella with all the people he has taken control of. Malakai walks me into hidden parts of the forest, where I meet the group of people that will follow me, there’s hundreds of them kneeling to the presence of me. I yell out to all of them to raise to their feet’s, and they obey to my every command. I am nervous because I’ve never had this much power, I feel ashamed because who am I to have so many people follow me. I ask the group of people if any men or women can track. That’s when I met four people that I will create a bond with, I never knew I would with any other humans besides Jasbella…
“I Will, yells out four people”. I ask who is I; every man and woman kneels except for four people. The first to step forward is a woman; she is of African American decent, standing about six feet tall, with long black dreadlocks. She is very athletic in stature, and looks with a strict face as she yell out her name, Fatima! The next to step forward glances over at Fatima, and giggles a bit before she steps up next to Fatima and grabs her butt as if no one noticed. This woman is Caucasian, above average in weight of most women I see, but looks highly conditioned. She stands about five feet eight inches. Her hair is in dreadlocks as well, but hair light blonde, she yells out her name Elaine! The next to stomp forward is a massive man. He is Indian, and looks like a piece chiseled from Hercules himself. He stands seven feet tall with an Ax that looks like it hardly leaves his hand. He screams out, “My name is Argoth puny King, and I’m ready to shed blood”. I grin at him, and yell out to him that we shall see how puny I can be; he laughs and we have already created a bond of competition and loyalty. Before I can look for the last person, I can’t see him no longer in the crowd; there were four people and only three are in my sight, the rest are knelt down like statues. “Where is the fourth man at, says Maximus”? I feel soft light taps on the side of my leg, and that’s when I see a African American man, the height of a dwarf, super skinny poking at my leg with a grin. “I may be small, but I’m the sneakiest bastard you’ll ever meet, my name is Rome”. The other three walk slowly up towards my presence, and Malakai yells out to never approach the King unless told to. I’m impressed by their fearless guts, and I tell Malakai to calm down… This will be an excellent team to lead, they respect me but treat me as any other human, and this Team will be called, “FEAR”…
After I name them, the crowd begins to cheer, as if I am the almighty powerful King that they have been waiting for so long to appear from the depths of an abyss. Before we can save Jasbella, I must train with my new team, so that we can act as one synchronized body hunting throughout the forest. I am definitely sure Roger has his own group of men, who will obey his every command just as I do. Fatima and Elaine seem to have a unique bond from Love, which will help us move things even faster than expected, and Argoth seems to be the most loyal and competitive warrior any leader can have. Now when it comes down to Rome, all I need him to do is stay out of sight, and stealthily sneak up on people if needed, which I know for a fact that he can do with perfection. We approach a part of the forest that has been segregated from our camp, it has trees that are barriers formed in a circle. The space can be compared to an arena of some sort; this will be where we practice catch and retrieval formations. I want to be able to sneak up upon Roger, and retrieve Jasbella. I will need Rome to sneak up on him after we have used Fatima and Elaine’s capabilities to track. Rome must get Jasbella to come with him, because the plan is for Argoth and I to attack Roger and his Men. I tell the group my plan, and they ask what they must do after retrieving Jasbella. I tell them to simply make it back to camp, and let Argoth and I take care of Roger and his men. Before we set on our journey I look to Malakai for guidance, I walk towards his living area to speak to him alone. I ask Malakai how is Roger able to still use the stones powers if it is embedded inside my chest, he simply tells me that the stone listens to all hate, and will provide strength to anyone who calls upon it. I stand there in disbelief because I myself am not a hateful person, so why has the stone chosen me to lead its people back to the stone ages? Malakai tells me that the stone is sacred, and has many hidden secrets that not even he knows of it’s capabilities. My mother enters the room, and before she says a word I say, “Leave me alone and rot in hell Arcadia”. My mother looks up with tears in her eyes, and tells me that I don’t understand what she has been through. “I know that you left me and my sister alone without a dam Mother, says Maximus”. “ Yes I know you two were alone, your father was very abusive towards me I didn’t even want the marriage to go through with him, says Arcadia”. I look up and stare deep into her eye’s with confusion in my heart, and pain running through my entire body. “ I want you gone before I get back, I can’t stand the sight of your disgraceful face, says Maximus”. My mother screeches out in sobs with tears running down her face. Before I can grab her to say sorry she runs away. I think to myself that maybe I’m too hard, I knew that father was a pain, but I never knew he hurted her so bad. The love any child has for her mother drives me to forgive her at any moment, but the pain of not having her growing up makes me continue to move forward and never look back! Malakai tells me that it’s time to put our plans to action, before Roger gets too far away. All he wants is for me to get my precious Jasbella back, so that I can help him take over the world, he seems to not be quite remorseful; maybe it’s because it’s not his mother or his life at that to deal with. I shake my head in acceptance, and prepare for the most difficult trip I’ve ever had to take…saving the woman of my life! I run back towards the training ground and I can feel the stones power surging throughout my chest. I don’t see team FEAR anywhere in sight, maybe they’re saying goodbye to their loved ones, it doesn’t matter I need them, and before I can say one word the stone begins to react! It beams up a bright vibrant green light, and a loud thunderous roar of wind shakes the leaves on the trees. I see each member of Team Fear racing to my aid. I look at them with a confused face, they simply say we’re at your service young King. I guess the stone is connected to certain people for certain reasons, they came running because they could feel the power of it, and for some reason they knew I needed them and the exact location of where I was. The more I learn about this stone, the more I begin to like its powers even more! “ It’s time for us to move out FEAR, Fatima I need you to start tracking Roger and his people’s movements throughout the forest, Elaine you help her as well, Argoth and Rome you stay close to me we will follow their lead, says Maximus”! Maximus and the team begins to dash through the forest following the lead of Fatima, as Malakai looks from afar with the look of evil in his eyes.“Creep… creep the birds and bees won’t start to sing, for the trees will bleed for an eternity; the blood of humans, the blood of hate, oh well we have to die someday, says Malakai”. “Stop with your nonsense right now, says Arcadia”. Malakai walks up to Arcadia and hits her in the head with his staff. “What are you doing Malakai, says Arcadia”? “ I won’t allow you to distract the young boy I must have him fully focused to take over this dreadful world, says Malakai”. “That BOY is a KING now, and he won’t let you get away with killing his mother, says Arcadia as she slowly loses consciousness”. Malakai kneels down towards her limp body, and tells her he isn’t going to kill her, but imprisoner her so that she won’t get in the way. He picks her up and takes her to a cave deep inside the other side of the forest; he explains that this will be her new home until the prophecy is complete. He tells her that the more hate that consumes her son’s heart, the more powerful Malakai and his staff gets. “Your son is getting stronger by the second and so are we, says Malakai”. “I don’t believe that you want to follow my son, you want to betray him the second you can, says Arcadia as she passes out”. Malakai returns to the village of people as he notifies them that their King is gone on a mission of sorts, and will be back soon. He tells them that they must get ready for another attack on the humans, and that they must prepare themselves for war because this time the humans will fight back. He is sure the Army has gotten word of the attack, and that many people will protect each city now that they know of what is coming their way. Malakai reassures that his staff has enough power to protect them, and that their mission is to gather as many willing humans as they can to follow their cause, and to kill any who resist! The people of the forest cheer loudly, Malakai! Malakai! Malakai! Malakai! As this is taking place, Maximus is running deep into the forest, when he suddenly stops as he feels a pain surge through his chest. The stone gives him visions of what Malakai is doing, and oddly enough he doesn’t agree with it, but continues on his path to save Jasbella, for he is blinded by love. The team asks if he’s okay, and he pushes forward nodding his head. Suddenly Fatima signals for them to stop! She looks down towards the ground as she sees blood. Elaine runs behind her and grabs her before she can touch the substance. “This is a trap, I’m good at making traps I could see this mediocre one from a mile away, says Elaine”. Fatima grabs Elaine by the throat fiercely and kisses her softly on the lips. “Thanks my love for saving my life once again, says Fatima”. We take camp for the night as Argoth gathers wood for a fire, and Rome gathers fruits and berries for us to eat; some of them he creates medicine with, “I see that one of the branches cut you while we were running through the forest my King, says Rome”. He applies the medicine he has created with the flowers and berries he gathered. “Looks like wolf is on the menu to go with the fruit and berries Rome gathered, says Argoth”. We all gather next to the fire as Fatima and Elaine begin to tell us the story of how they met… Fatima and Elaine were both young when they first met, around the ages of fifteen and sixteen. They lived in the same town together, and went to the same school. Elaine used to be bullied by the kids at school because of her weight, she would chase them down and beat them up. They were always shocked because for being a bigger girl, she was always in shape when running long distances. One day she met Fatima, there she was in the school yard teasing Elaine because of her weight. Elaine chased after Fatima, and Fatima ran around the school yard mocking Elaine. Elaine had created a trap for Fatima, she knew that she could chase anyone into it, but before Fatima ran into the trap, she picks it up and tells Elaine if she really thought that she would fall for her trap. Elaine asks Fatima how did she know that it was there, and Fatima says that she was following Elaine before she made it during recess. Elaine asks Fatima If she was hunting her, and for a young darker skinned girl she begins to blush. The kids laugh at the both of them. Fatima and Elaine beat up each kid that laughs. Since that day forward they’ve created a bond only to find out that they were meant to be together forever. “That’s why we have decided to be apart of your team King, says Fatima and Elaine”. They both explain after the story how they believe in true love, and that they immediately wanted to help Maximus, when they found out the mission to save his lovely Jasbella. Argoth looks up with tears in his eyes, and Rome begins to laugh at him. “Don’t you ever laugh at me or I will eat you alive Rome, says Argoth”! They both look serious at one another as if they’re going to attack each other. “Calm down Argoth/Rome we don’t need anything irrational happening, says Maximus”. Argoth and Rome look towards one another for seconds, like it’s the stare-down of the century, then they begin to laugh hysterically. “Argoth and Rome will never try to hurt each other young King, says Elaine”. Argoth begins to tell the story how he and Rome were classmates and were both laughed at for different reasons, Argoth was always tall since middle school, and Rome has always been super short. When they met in high school, they would get made fun of all the time. Argoth would beat up anyone who made fun of them, and Rome would have Argoth beat up anyone who made fun of him in exchange for the answers on all class exams. “I’m a sneaky little bastard, I snuck into the teachers office and copied all the answers, says Rome”. “ I would’ve helped you beat up those bullies even if you didn’t give me the exam answers, says Argoth”. “Yeah right, says Rome”! They both begin to laugh as we finish eating the wolf, berries, and fruit. Maximus tells them that they all should get some rest, in the morning the teams has to step up the pace to reach Roger and his group; Maximus had a terrible feeling that if he didn’t catch up to them soon, Jasbella would be lost forever. “My sweet Jasbella, my sweet sweet Jasbella, says Maximus”. The next morning Maximus and the Team continue their race throughout the endless forest, in hopes that they will soon catch up to Roger and his group. The Team tells Maximus how they were all drawn in by the stones power, and that’s how they met Malakai and the stone. They explain to me that Malakai is the elder of us all, and that he has been with the stone since day 1. Malakai hasn’t aged since they first met him, but is old in stature, they even begin to speak conspiracies about how they think that he’s been getting younger since I’ve arrived. Up ahead I can hear a woman screaming at the top of her lungs, so loud that the birds in the trees begin to swarm away! We reach the woman, and all we can see is her laying on the ground with her legs mangled and arms cut up. She asks us to help her, and we ask her what happened. She begins to tell us about how roger and his men did this to her because she wanted to leave and join our group. She tells Maximus that Roger tried hurting Jasbella the night before because the spell looked to be subsiding from her mind. Then I remember that I was calling her name last night… “Sweet sweet Jasbella, says Maximus. The stone begins to react, and visions come to cloud my mind and train of thought once again, I can see Jasbella and Roger, they’re up ahead! The woman slowly dies in the arms of Argoth, as I rush towards where Roger is holding Jasbella! Fatima yells out for me to stick to the plan, but I refuse to listen to her, and I continue to run over towards where I felt Jasbella to be! Roger jumps out of nowhere, and burns my arm with the same liquid that he killed the humans at my graduation ceremony with. I yell out in pain, as Jasbella runs toward my aid. “Maximus, I love you please get him out of my head, says Jasbella”. Roger pulls out his own staff about the same size as Malakai’s and glares deeply into the stone embedded in my chest. Roger uses the staff to push Jasbella away from me ferociously! Roger lifts me up with one hand, and tells Jasbella to stay where she is calling her his young Queen. Suddenly three other men appear to Roger’s aid, as my team shadow’s closely in the camouflage of the bushes. “Has My father followed me you pathetic piece of trash, says Roger”. I look him in his eyes as the stone begins to glow a dark emerald green. “First don’t ever touch me, and second you’ve made a big fucking mistake touching the woman that I love, says Maximus”. Maximus breaks Roger’s arm, the one holding him up by the throat, and before Roger can attack with his staff Maximus’s eyes begin to glow green, and the black wooden bow appears again with his white oak arrows. He lunges one deep into the chest of Roger, as he slowly falls to the ground. The three other men form together and race towards Maximus to attack, when Maximus yells out “FEAR”! Maximus’s Team runs to his aid, Rome is sitting on the shoulders of Argoth, with Fatima and Elaine running towards me and the men. Argoth is fondling with his hands and equipment, he makes a dagger and throws it to Fatima as she leaps into the air and guts one of the men, Rome throws another weapon made with a chain and rock towards Elaine, she hammers down on the second man; Rome leaps up off of Argoth, and runs towards Jasbella as Argoth uses his ax and obliterates the last remaining man. The bow and arrows vanish once again, but this time Maximus doesn’t faint. He’s laying in the grass while the skin on his arm is halfway melted off, that the bone is showing. The stone begins to glow, and an aura from it runs across the damaged arm, it heals the wound but leaves a terrible scar. Maximus tells the team to help Rome with his beloved Jasbella. They slowly walk over to his aid. Maximus yells out, “Why are you guys taking your precious time to help Rome”? “She’s dead says Rome”!... Maximus gets up to one knee, and slowly limps over towards Jasbella and his Team. He holds Jasbella one last time in his arms as the tears and pain subsides from his face, “We need to get back to our village, we have one more mission to do together Team… Bring Forth the Stone Ages, says Maximus”. The team looks him in the eye, and they accept their new tasks, from that day forward they create a bond of strength and Merciless hate! The team asks Maximus about the others that followed Roger, and what will he do with them. He tells them that they will be slaughtered soon as he gets back to full strength. The stone has given him more power, he knows every single person that had decided to follow Roger, and promises to kill every last person. Maximus asks the Team if they know who’s Roger’s father, and they look in fear to tell him the truth. He yells at them and tells them that if they’re to work together he must always know the truth, and they all yell out Malakai. I looked confused, why would Malakai let me go kill his son, and they tell me that he doesn’t accept his son, for his son was a bastard child, and his mother was my own, “Arcadia”. Everything comes to me so fast, my heart fills with confusion and rage! I have signed a deal with the devil, and there’s no going back on it. Roger probably didn’t even love my sweet Jasbella, but was caught in the middle of things. He probably kidnapped her to show his father that he’s strong, and what for? He dies in the end, and so does my sweet Jasbella. I begin to tell the Team that we must keep this a secret, and they must not tell Malakai that I know any of this. I will have them close to me at all times, because I don’t trust Malakai, and I believe he will betray me at any minute. Now I want to know my mother even more since there’s so much of this story that has been left out. Why would she have a son with Malakai, if she couldn’t take care of her own children, and why would Malakai let his child die. He must be driven off of madness because of the stone, or maybe he believes that his son was truly a waste of space. I need to find things out for myself, and that will be top priority once we have arrived at the village. I have given the Team a location to bury my precious Jasbella, and they begin to dig a grave. The grave is surrounded by a garden filled with white roses, and her grave is dug up next to a waterfall. I tell them that if anything happens to me, I want to be buried right next to my precious Jasbella. The team understands, as we hold a small ceremony for Jasbella. I demand that no tear to be shed during this time. The team seems to follow my every command, we all have lost something before whether it’s our dignity, pride, or even a loved one; they follow me because I am exactly what the prophecy has preached, and exactly the guy they would want to follow, I AM A KING. The stone embedded in my chest begins to glow once more, I vision Malakai, and he’s once again has taken my people of the forest into the streets of a town, and are slaughtering the people by the dozens, as very little of them follow in acceptance of the new world to come. Once me and my team reach our village, Malakai has returned as well. My people see me enter, and all gather on one knee. “Where is Arcadia, says Maximus”? Malakai tells me that she has left the village, and no one know of her whereabouts. I close my eyes and look for the stone for guidance, in hopes that it will show me the path towards my mother. The stone doesn’t reveal anything to me, and I calmly tell the people to get rest, and walk with Malakai to my living chambers. “I must talk to you alone, says Malakai”. I agree and I tell my Team to leave our sight, but they know to stay close in case I need any help. Fatima and Elaine haven’t had any alone time, so I only trust that Argoth and Rome have stood close by my side in case anything is to arise. Malakai begins to ask me many questions of concern. “Where is Jasbella, and have you killed Roger, says Malakai”? “ Jasbella is Dead, and so is your son, says Maximus”! Malakai looks in disbelief and asks how do I know that Roger was his son, and I simply tell him how Roger asked about him before I sent him to his death. “That boy was always foolish, always asking for my acceptance, says Malakai”. He begins to tell me that his only purpose in this life now is to obey my every command and to follow the gem. He tells me that he doesn’t believe me to be the King that the Gem has prophesized but will follow it’s every command. “I will show you just exactly why the gem has chosen me, says Malakai”. The gem begins to glow embedded in my chest, as Malakai grins deceitfully. I raise to my feet and call out, “FEAR”! The team arrives, and I tell them that it’s time for a sneak attack. I tell them to enter a big city and kill every Man, Woman, and Child. They look at me with disbelief but carry out my wish. Malakai and I follow them to see if they carry out my wish. I have given them power from the gem, this will allow them brute strength and healing capabilities. They slaughter everyone and everything in their path. Death has consumed me, and there’s no turning back. The only thing that I can think of is the memories of my precious Jasbella. With every evil deed that I do, I begin to get stronger from the gem, and as I grow stronger my people of the forest grows stronger as well. Malakai is no longer an old man, but is young in stature, about the same size, height, and build as me. After the city is destroyed we all walk back to our village hidden in the forest. The gem gives me more visions I can’t bear. I can hear my mother screaming, but I don’t know where to find her, or where she is located. Malakai asks constantly what the gem is showing me, but I lie and tell him that they’re constant memories of how Jasbella has died. He tells me that we must head for each capitol and take over city by city. I agree with him, and we form a plan that we hope to take action within the next couple of months. Malakai explains how he wants his own group of men to train, a small army of sorts. I agree because I begin to trust his word, and I doubt that he will try to overthrow me, because at this point I believe that I’ll always be the strongest. I tell Malakai he is able to continue growing a strong army, and I walk towards my chambers for rest. The Team follows me, and begins to explain how it isn’t safe for me to allow Malakai to grow his own Army. “Do you think he can beat us, I sense weakness in this TEAM says Maximus”. The team explains how they aren’t weak, and that they will take down anyone who tries to betray us. I smile and we all walk back towards my chambers. That night I dream of Jasbella, it’s a terrible nightmare filled with pain and sorrow. Each time I wake and close my eyes she’s there again, dying every time. I open my eyes once more throughout the night, and the gem begins to glow. I vision my mother being locked in a cave like a hostage, I awake the team and ask them if any caves are nearby. They tell me that there’s one close, but they doubt anyone has been in it because it surrounded by rubbish. I create a plan to investigate this cave, and they follow me through the woods near the entrance of it. I tell them that I want to go in alone, and they accept. “Stay hidden next to the entrance and wait for my return, says Maximus”. As I enter the cave I walk further into a dim light, I can over hear my mothers voice speaking to a man. I look further into the distance and see that the man is Malakai, and he’s holding my mother hostage. Before I make any hasty decisions, I over hear their conversation. “Do you really think my Son is foolish enough to let you get the best of him, says Arcadia”. “He will never find out that there’s a way to bring those two back to life, says Malakai”. My mother spits in his face, as he slaps her across the cheek. “Soon I won’t be needing you, to think you were going to be my Queen through this whole mess, says Malakai”. “You’ll never be King ever again, the gem has chosen a new wielder, you old senile piece of trash, says Arcadia”. Before Malakai leaves my mother, the stone lets me send a message to my “FEAR”, they know to return to the village quickly without a trace of them ever being there. Malakai walks out the cave entrance, laughing hysterically. I walk up towards my mother as she sobs, “I am sorry Arcadia, says Maximus”. She looks up and says, “I am your Mother and that’s the only way I will be addressed”. We hug each other firmly as we both shed a tear. She tells me that there’s a lot to be told, in so little of time… Malakai was once young, the same age as my mother. He was cast away from the town we lived in because he didn’t believe in GOD, but believed in a book he always ha carried around. The book was filled with many stories and fantasies, and Malakai believed specifically in one story, The story of “Milky Way’s Gem”. Each Galaxy has its own individual gem, and has been sealed with certain powers to the chosen wielder. People of our town always laughed and made fun of him, but my mother always loved him because of the stories he would tell about living in the wilderness one day. My mother wanted to join Malakai, but knew she had her own family to take care of. Malakai and my mother would secretly meet when my father was too drunk to even care where she was. One day she got pregnant and knew the child wasn’t my fathers, she knew that my father would catch much ridicule from the town, and so would she. Malakai agreed to go with her deep into the woods, no one would know that they left together, Malakai wouldn’t be missed, and eventually the town would forget about her. The only problem they had was that the boy named “Roger” was Malakai’s son. His mother always wanted to leave the town, and take her son with her to help him grow up in a bigger town to become known across the world. Malakai and my mother decided that day to plan Malakai’s fake death, and to kill Roger’s mother. They took Roger with them and escaped to the forest. The town believed that Malakai’s wife and him died in a fire, and that Roger somehow vanished on his own way from the town. My mother was sad that she couldn’t take me and my sister with her, but she knew that this would draw up too much attention. My mother isn’t a saint for helping to kill another human being, but she is my flesh and blood. My mother explained how Malakai found the gem in his books, and that the gem began to give him powers. She explained how the gem was embedded in his chest just as it is in mine now, and that Malakai taught her and Roger how to survive in the wilderness. The gem gives you great power, as well as youth. Malakai decided to fulfil the prophecy of the gem, and bring technology to a screeching halt. He believed that technology was the thing causing humans to destroy the Earth and kill one another, and if we went back to the stone ages that it would slow this process down. He decided to come up with a plan to have the gem call upon people’s name, and show them the path he had decided to take. People would follow the gem into the forest and would settle with Malakai, and listen to his prophecy, until one day the gem ripped out of his chest and molded itself back into the mountain he had found it from. He told his people that one day another King would arise, and that the gem will have the same prophecy to fulfill. She believed that the gem lost interest in Malakai because he was growing old, and also evil. Malakai tried forcing his son to try to yield the gems powers, but the gem would never accept him. Malakai thought to himself who would be the next to hold the gems powers, someone he could trust, that the gem would stay close to him. So he decided to come back to the town and spy over me, he saw that I was alone, and that Jasbella was the only thing that I loved more than my missing mother. He came up with a plan to have Roger kidnap Jasbella to take as her Queen, but after seeing Jasbella Roger became jealous and smitten. He wanted to prove to his father that Jasbella could be his Queen and that they didn’t need the gem. Some of Malakai’s people began to follow Roger because of the power that he was feeding off of the gem. He was able to create a mist that controlled the minds of people, and that’s how he got Jasbella to follow his command. Malakai saw that I could be a potential wielder of the gems power so he and Roger agreed to retrieve me from my graduation. Roger had cold feet and took off with Jasbella, and Malakai saw as the gem fed on my despair and hate. Malakai wanted me to do his dirty work in getting rid of his own son, and he wanted me to continue to make the gem powerful because he knew it would fill off of my rage and hate. Somehow the gem has made him younger and stronger, and my mother believes that soon the gem will go back to him. She explains to me that there’s one way of bringing back one person, and that’s to relinquish all powers of the gem, one must sit with the dead person, and ask to be relinquished of its powers. My mother tells me that I can bring back my sweet Jasbella, but that I must relinquish all powers. I accept without any hesitation, and I unchain my mother and call upon “FEAR”. They rush to my aid, and begin to explain to me that Malakai is on his way, and that he followed them. His army is prepared to battle against us and any other people that follow. I know that his Army isn’t that big because I haven’t give him time to find people and to train them. The Team and I walk out the cave with my mother to see one thing standing in our way. I look up and there’s at least a hundred man standing side by side next to Malakai. “Don’t dare try to defy me young King, that gem must stay as close to you and I as possible, Jasbella is dead and you shouldn’t rewrite history, says Malakai”. I look up at him and my team, “One last mission “FEAR”, says Maximus”. They all scream in unison “We will always stand by your side”. This is a time for redemption, we might can’t bring back all the people that we have killed, but we can bring back Jasbella, and kill an evil, manipulative and corrupt man at the same time. I close my eyes and I ask for the gems strength once more, as they open my bow is back, black in color, with white oak arrows. My team stands next to me, Fatima with her dagger, Elaine with her chain and Rock, Argoth with His Ax and Rome with his tricky feet. We charge towards the battle field where Malakai stands, before they can slaughter us another crowd in the background appears, it’s the remaining forest people, and they seem to be on my side. I begin shooting arrows towards Malakai and his men; he orders half of them to fight against the remaining forest people, and the other half to help him fight me. My arrows pierce through many of his men, but they fight back. Rome yells my way, and tell me and the Team to take a detour, a path that will guide me back to Jasbella’s grave! The team follows Rome, as Malakai chases after us, yelling for his men not to let me get close to Jasbella’s grave! As we run through the forest to make it toward Jasbella’s grave, Malakai is using is staff to blow down trees in our way. The forest people hold back most of Malakai’s men, but a couple get through with him. As they chase us wildly throughout the forest, all I can think of is having my precious Jasbella in my arms once again. We stop at nothing to reach Jasbella throwing everything in Malakai’s path, we finally catch a break; I point an arrow towards some boulders high up on a mountain top, and they I swiftly release my finger, as the arrow built with the strongest oak tree hits one of the boulders. The rubbish is so grand it blocks a pathway intervening my team and Malakai’s. We know that we can rest for the night, and start back as quickly as possible. Rome tells us that there’s enough rubbish to have them digging for days, so Malakai and his men must take a detour that will give them hours to catch up. I know the team is tired, and I let them rest, the power embedded in my body never lets me rest easily. As they sleep I keep watch for anything to happen. I slowly begin to doze off myself; suddenly I can hear a loud scream! I open my eyes and see that Elaine has been shot with an arrow to her rib cage. Fatima is screaming hysterically as Argoth has to pick Elaine up, and we all get up and race towards the sight of Jasbella’s grave. “I don’t think that she’s going to make it, says Rome”. “Help her Rome; do as much as you can, cries Fatima”. Rome gathers up some flowers and things from bushes as we scatter through the forest, he chews and spits a black oily mixture onto Elaine’s wound. The wound slowly begins to close, as Elaine moans in great pain. “She’s good to go, says Rome”. “Thataboy says Fatima”. The team finally reaches the grave site, as Malakai and his men approach. “Go ahead Maximus, give up that power of yours, and watch as it comes back to me, says Malakai”. The team looks up at me, we have no choice in the matter, I relinquish the power and bring Jasbella back to life then we die by the hands of Malakai, or I move on and fight Malakai to the death and hope that I win. He knows all the secrets to this gem, and I haven’t wielded the power long enough to know all its capabilities, was my mom right about relinquishing its powers? Will Jasbella come back; all I want is to have her in my arms once more to tell her that I am sorry, and that I wish that we could be together again. I fall to my knees as the gem begins to glow emerald green once more. I yell out as loud as I have ever been before! “I relinquish all powers of this Gem”!!!!!! The ground begins to shake as Malakai grins, a wind begins to blow, and a force-field protects my Team, Jasbella’s grave and I. The ground opens up and Jasbella is lifted out of the grave and placed into my arms, I begin to scream at the top of my lungs as loud as I can! The gem begins to crack within my chest as a piece of it stays lodged inside my chest, the majority burst out and flies directly towards Malakai’s chest, it engulfs his entire chest with a magnificent blow, He gets up from the ground as him and his men run away back towards the village. I hold Jasbella in my arms, as tear run down my cheek…. Jas…..Bell….La……. Jasbella opens her eyes, and says “Save Humanity”. I hug her ever so tightly, and then I look up towards my team, “One last Mission”? “FEAR” will always be together, and at your command…No! Says Maximus, we do this together… He grabs the gem lodged in his chest, and gives them each a piece. They all stand side by side, Maximus with his black bow, and white oak arrows; Fatima with her new sword covered in Gold, Elaine with her new chain-covered gloves with rock embedded in every knuckle, Argoth with his new Ax colored green like the gem, and Rome with his new shoes with the gems aura covering them with a mist. “THIS IS MAXIMUM FEAR AT ITS BEST”. Maximus wants to stay and hold onto Jasbella, but he knows that he has a lot of work to do, he must save humanity from this mad man named Malakai. Of course the gem yields powers, and maybe Malakai is correct about his book, and the stories about each galaxy having its own Gem. The simple fact is that Maximus doesn’t believe that humanity must be brought back to the stone ages, and he will do everything in his power to stop it from happening. He knows that he has a loyal team, that will do anything for him and his cause. Jasbella holds onto Maximus and tells him that she had visions as her body lay beneath the ground. She believes that Malakai is partially right, but that humans have been given a chose to live their lives how they feel. Maximus must stop Malakai at all cost, even if that means putting his own life on line to do so. He knows that Malakai is headed back to the village to destroy the last of his forest people, and that he will move on with his plan to go city to city, enslaving its people, and killing anyone that stand in his way. His team has been given each equally parts of his power with significant attributes, but how can he take on an entire Army. “You and your Team has “Heart”, says Jasbella”. “I want you to go out there and fight the same way you fought for me, says Jasbella”. The team looks at Maximus for the next command, and Maximus looks at his Team. “We need to follow Malakai anywhere he goes, and we must fight his Army to the last man, says Maximus”. Maximus and his Team begin to race through the forest back towards his people and his mother. He begins to think whether his Mother is still alive or not. Malakai wanted to kill his mother before, what would stop him this time? Before they can even make any ground up, his mother yells out in the background. She tells them that she followed them to Jasbella and that she can’t believe that the Gem has broken into so many parts. She explains that it will be tough to take down Malakai because he knows more than all of us, but he doesn’t possess one thing that we all have which is “heart”. Arcadia lets them know that Malakai is back to full strength, and that he has his Army that he has always wanted, in order for us to win we must think things through, and not go into a battle that we know we’ll lose. She tells us we must stay in the shadows for awhile and regroup. She know the repercussion, most of humanity will be enslaved, and we don’t have time for his Army to grow stronger. She believes that he may have a massive Army, but we can still get people from that Army to revolt, and join our cause as well. She knows that heart goes a long way, and if we show them the better path, that we can build up enough people to help fight against this evil tyrant Malakai. So we shall wait this thing out for a couple of months, and see how we can approach this entire situation… Over the next couple of months we have Rome do some intel. He comes back and lets us know that most of the major cities are controlled by Malakai and his Army, but people are fighting back. Rome lets Maximus know that rebellious cities are chanting his name and asking for help, and that if we can get into those cities undetected, we can gather enough men to help in this fight. Malakai might have the power to wield the Earths elements, but men have created man-made weapons that can help in this fight. If we can get as many civilians and soldiers to put up a fight, we can have the advantage on Malakai. The first city we enter is one of a desert. The city is hot, and most of it’s people are enslaved, it looks as if they’re creating a ship of some sort. Word is that Malakai will be trying to create shuttles to reach outer-space to try and contact other gem holders, and their galaxy. Malakai believes that the gem in his chest has enough power to help him reach other galaxies with a shuttle, and we believe that if he does, then it just might work, and he will try to take over their galaxy as well. We find a refugee camp where some rebels are taking shelter at, and they believe that Maximus is their savior. They chant his name and call him their savior, but their Captain believes that Maximus is just as relentless as Malakai. “I remember this boy coming into my city and killing innocent people and you dare chant his name, says LT.Badger.

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