Code Gemini:Part 1

Picture waking up one day and you know that it’s your last. Yeah, getting up out of bed with cold feet. Looking out the window seeing families celebrate on one side of town and others rummaging through garbage cans in search of food for the day, pretty insane right? Well the story I’m about to tell you is about to get even more insane, hopefully I’m alive long enough to tell it.
My name is Oscar Young and I’m just an ordinary young man that just so happens to have turned eighteen. People are supposed to be happy about turning eighteen, right? Graduating High School, going to College or beginning a career? Naw man, not me… See the thing is, I’m supposed to die today! Yet I have a choice in the matter. Do I just die peacefully and be known for nothing? Or do I live and take the greatest gift of them all… staying alive!

My family grew up in the suburbs and raised me the best way they could. We didn’t have much money but at least a roof was over our heads. My father took any job you could imagine to keep us fed and alive. Mother would demand more out of him, hoping to get her chance to a trip to another galaxy our planet has discovered. I guess I should mention we live in the year 2095. Science has come a long way; with multiple ways of travel now…Sorry I tend to get off track at times, forgive me. Today is an especially hard day for me. This is the anniversary of my parents dieing in a freak aircraft accident, and also the day of my untimely departure. Just thinking about everything is making my chest hurt. If you haven’t figured out by now, I have terminal lung cancer. Suddenly a knock is at my bedroom door… “Well have you decided yet, Oscar”? I nod my head in approval as me and my best friend Benjamin walk out of my bedroom door. “Great, Mom and Dad are going to be so happy about your choice, hurry let’s get to the hospital before your new body can no longer be a host, says Benjamin”.

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