Gates of Hell

Open up the cellar,

Engulfed by the smell of sulphur,

Bodies molding like ancient Egyptians,

Wrapped away in satin sheets,

Satin sheets.

Satanic deeds.

Show me the greed.

Show me a culture.

Culminating a devised plan of euphoric hate,

These words are bound with chains,

Chiseled into the ground,

Deeper than the abyss that Satan loaves and rest.

There lies a tomb, filled with darker things.

Exhibitions, recreation, arts and things?

Open Pandora’s box as things begin to unfold,

Truth be told, not even those satin sheets can hold.

Hold this vessel that creeps it’s way out?

Loss in trance with the devil spacing out.

As motion begins to move this ancient relic, a whisper

is heard.

“Give me my crown demon”

I bet these change of events were unforeseen?

A new King of darkness has risen and the name isn’t


Like a terrified child in the dark, satan hands the

crown over with his eyes and mouth shut.

This is a message to the baddest man in town,

There will always be someone badder whose after

your crown….