Road to Millions

Close your eyes child.

As I ponder the thought of my enemies.

Close your eyes child.

Providing prolific prepared prophecies.

Close your eyes child.

Metaphors morphing morbidly.

Close your eyes child.

Tommy, Billy and Kimberly.

Close your eyes child.

While I take you on a ride back to 80’s/90’s babies.

Close your eyes child.

Fear these similies.

Lost souls,

Dante’s Inferno,

Molten magma,

Lava spews,

While genocide crosses our proportionate views,

Only seeing what we are believing.

The rest…

Pushed back far behind our memory glands.

Close your eyes child.

Walk with my sheep.

Close your eyes child.

Red riding hood and the big bad wolf.

Close your eyes CHILD.

Follow me…

Children of the Corn!


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